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Jackman and Evans Books in Order (8 Book Series)

The Guilty OnesThe Fourth FriendThe Murderer's Son

Jackman and Evans is a series of 8 books written by Joy Ellis. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I am a big fan of Richard Armitage and I've heard he is connected to the Jackman and Evans books in some way. Can you explain?

      Absolutely! The Jackman and Evans books, a gripping crime thriller series written by Joy Ellis, were narrated by Richard Armitage. If you love a good novel and are a fan of Armitage's voice, you should definitely check them out.

    • What's the order of the Evans series books? I seem to struggle to find a coherent reply online.

      The Evans books along with the Jackman series, are part of the 'Jackman and Evans series' which follows a specific order. Sadly, my list failed. However, you can easily check it out by visiting a 'read shelving' section at a local bookstore or an online platform like Amazon.

    • Can you tell me more about the author of the Jackman and Evans series, Joy Ellis?

      Joy Ellis is a prolific author known for her thrilling crime novels. She's not just the mastermind behind the Jackman and Evans series, but she has also written the popular Nikki Galena series set in the fens. Ellis has a knack for writing gripping crime fiction that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

    • When you refer to Evans books, do you mean hardcover books or paperback books?

      The Evans books, as well as the rest of the Jackman and Evans series, are available in all formats - hardcover, paperback, and even Kindle versions. So, no matter your preference, you'll be able to enjoy these thrilling novels.

    • I've heard that there's a significant romance element in these books. Is that true and does that affect the main thriller genre?

      Yes and no. While there is a touch of romance in some of the books in the Jackman and Evans series, it never overshadows the main thrust of the story, which is always about solving the gripping crime at hand. The romance element adds depth to the characters and gives readers a breather from the intense thriller parts.

    • How do I go about arranging my shelf rate for these books?

      The shelf rate is really a personal choice. Some people prefer to arrange their book series by release date, others by title. Either way, you'll want to keep your Jackman and Evans books together for easy reading.

    • What is the connection between Joy Ellis, Joffe Books and the Jackman series?

      Joffe Books is the publishing house that handles Joy Ellis's works. So, all the books from the Jackman series, and indeed all her other books, are published by Joffe Books.

    • I'm not a big fan of reading crime fiction. Does Joy Ellis write anything else, perhaps fantasy?

      Joy Ellis primarily writes crime fiction. However, her writing is so immersive and her characters so well-drawn that even if you're not typically a crime fiction fan, you might find yourself drawn into the world of DI Jackman and DS Evans. But to answer your question directly, no, she hasn't written any fantasy novels.

    • What is the latest book in the Jackman and Evans series and is it possible to read it without knowing the rest of the series?

      Each book in the Jackman and Evans series can technically stand alone as each one tackles a different case. However, for character development and overarching storylines, it's recommended to read them in order. The latest book at the time of writing is 'The Stolen Boys'. Always check online for the most recent titles.