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Laura Dave Books in Order (6 Book Series)


Laura Dave has written a series of 6 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm looking for a list of laura dave books. Can you tell me the order in which they should be read?

      Certainly, Laura Dave's books in order should be read as follows: London Is The Best City In America, The Divorce Party, The First Husband, Eight Hundred Grapes, Hello Sunshine, and her latest, The Last Thing He Told Me.

    • Who is the author of the book "Hello, Sunshine"?

      The book "Hello, Sunshine" is written by the author Laura Dave. It is a work of fiction about a woman navigating through life in the city and it is particularly popular among women for its relatable narrative.

    • Can you tell me more about Laura Dave as an author?

      Author Laura Dave is known for her realistic and relatable novels about life, love, and the challenges women face. Her books are often set in homes within varying city landscapes, and her characters are thoroughly developed. Her husband, who is also her biggest fan, often serves as her sounding board during the writing process.

    • What are some of the themes in Laura Dave's books?

      Laura Dave's books often explore themes of love, home, life, and the everyday struggles of women. Her characters, like Annie and Owen, are relatable and the situations they find themselves in often mirror real-life scenarios.

    • What are the ratings of Laura Dave's novels on Goodreads?

      On Goodreads, Laura Dave's novels have an average rating of about 4 stars. However, it's always a good idea to do a book refresh in order to check for any error rating, clear rating, and avg rating.

    • How can I get copies of Laura Dave's books?

      Laura Dave's books are typically available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats. You can find them online, in bookstores, or at your local library.

    • Are there any other authors similar to Laura Dave?

      Yes, if you enjoy Laura Dave's writing, you might also like Hoover Colleen. Like Dave, Hoover writes fiction with strong, relatable female protagonists.

    • What is Laura Dave's latest book about?

      Laura Dave's latest book, "The Last Thing He Told Me", is a thrilling tale about a woman named Annie who is suddenly tasked with the care of her husband's daughter, Owen, while unraveling the secrets of his life.

    • Is there a series among Laura Dave's books?

      No, there is no series among Laura Dave's books. Each book is a standalone novel, allowing you to read them in any order. However, reading them in the order of publication might give you a better understanding of how Dave's writing style has evolved over the years.