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Jack Nightingale Books in Order (10 Book Series)


Jack Nightingale is a series of 10 books written by Stephen Leather. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you kindly guide me on the correct order of the Jack Nightingale series?

      Sure. The Jack Nightingale series by the author Stephen Leather is a captivating set of novels. The order of the books is as follows: "Nightfall", "Midnight", "Nightmare", "Nightshade", and "Lastnight". Jack, the main character of the series, is a fascinating character who discovers his own soul's destiny. It's a must-add to your fiction collection.

    • I heard that the author of the Jack Nightingale series also wrote some short stories. Is that true?

      Yes, that's correct. The author of the Jack Nightingale series also penned a collection of short stories and short novels to add depth to the Nightingale series. These stories provide additional context and detail to the main novels, creating a more complete narrative.

    • Can you tell me about the Inspector Zhang series by the same author?

      Absolutely! The Inspector Zhang series is another brilliant creation by the same author. The series is based around Inspector Zhang, a police detective in Singapore solving thrilling mysteries. It's a fun read and should rate high on your reading list.

    • Are the Mike Cramer series and Jack Nightingale series by the same author?

      Yes, the author of the Jack Nightingale series also wrote the Mike Cramer series. Both series showcase the author's knack for storytelling and creating compelling characters. Mike Cramer, like Jack Nightingale, is a police character that audiences can't get enough of.

    • Are there any leather books of the Jack Nightingale series for collectors?

      The Jack Nightingale series is indeed available in leather books for collectors. It will top your menu shelve with their elegant and timeless look.

    • What is the story of the first book in the Jack Nightingale Series?

      The first book in the Nightingale series is titled "Nightfall". In this book, Jack is introduced as a police negotiator who becomes a private investigator. Jack discovers that his soul was sold by his biological parents, and he was supposed to go to hell. Jack, thus begins his thrilling journey to save his soul, leading to a series of enthralling events.

    • Could you review the Inspector Zhang series and the Jack Nightingale series in terms of shelf rate?

      Both the Inspector Zhang series and the Jack Nightingale series rate high on the shelf rate. The author has done an excellent job crafting intriguing police characters, compelling narratives, and gripping mysteries in both series.

    • How do the Jack Nightingale books differ from the Dan Shepherd series?

      The Dan Shepherd series, another creation by the same author, is based on a police character that is more focused towards action and military operations. While the Jack Nightingale series delves into the supernatural and mystical dimensions. Both series offer a distinctive reading experience.

    • Are the books in the Jack Nightingale series available on Kindle?

      Yes, the books in the Jack Nightingale series are available on Kindle for readers who prefer digital reading. They also come in various other formats, including leather books and the standard paperback.