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Inspector Banks Books in Order (28 Book Series)


Inspector Banks is a series of 28 books written by Peter Robinson. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What exactly is the DCI Banks series?

      The DCI Banks series is a collection of crime novels by author Peter Robinson, featuring Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks. The stories are set in the fictional town of Eastvale in Yorkshire, England, and they follow Banks as he solves various crime mysteries.

    • Can you tell me more about the Inspector Banks series?

      Sure, the Inspector Banks series, also referred to as the DCI Banks series, are crime novels authored by Peter Robinson. The series primarily revolves around the life and investigations of the main character, Inspector Alan Banks. Since the publication of the first book in 1987, the series has grown significantly in popularity, with several novels receiving the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award for excellence in crime fiction.

    • Who is Peter Robinson and how is he related to the Inspector Banks series?

      Peter Robinson is a well-renowned British author, known for his crime fiction novels featuring Inspector Alan Banks. The Inspector Banks series has been his most popular work, spanning over three decades and counting, and has been adapted into a successful TV series.

    • What is the order of the Banks books by Peter Robinson?

      The Banks novels by Peter Robinson should be read in the order of their publication for the best understanding and enjoyment of the series. The first novel in the series is "Gallows View", followed by "A Dedicated Man", "A Necessary End", and so forth. You can find the complete list and order of the books on Amazon or your local library.

    • Are there any notable characters in the Inspector Banks novels?

      Yes, apart from Inspector Alan Banks, there are several recurring characters in the series such as Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot, Banks' daughter Tracy, and psychologist Jenny Fuller. These complex and well-developed characters add depth to the novels, making readers fall in love with not just the crime-solving plot, but also the characters themselves.

    • Do the Inspector Banks books delve into any dark or complex themes?

      Indeed, the Inspector Banks novels often delve into dark and complex themes. Robinson's crime fiction doesn't shy away from tackling issues of corruption, prejudice, and the darker side of human nature. This adds a layer of depth and suspense to the books, making them a compelling read.

    • Is there a TV adaptation of the DCI Banks series?

      Yes, the DCI Banks series has been adapted into a successful TV show, aptly named "DCI Banks". It faithfully brings Alan Banks and his world to life on the small screen, and has been well-received by both fans of the novels and new audiences alike.

    • Can the Inspector Banks books be read as standalone novels or is it better to read them in sequence?

      While each Inspector Banks novel features a unique crime that gets resolved within the book, reading the series in sequence can provide a better understanding of the characters' development and backstory. That being said, each novel is crafted to be enjoyable on its own, and can be picked up independently if desired.

    • Where can I find and buy the Inspector Banks books in order?

      You can find and buy the Inspector Banks books in order on various platforms including Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, Google Books, and bookshop.org, an online platform supporting independent bookshops. The details of each book can be viewed on these platforms before adding them to your shopping list.