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Ilona Andrews Books in Order (40 Book Series)

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Ilona Andrews has written a series of 40 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 40 books
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      Ilona Andrews

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      Magic Stars

      Ilona Andrews

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      Blood Heir

      Ilona Andrews

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    • What is the correct reading order for the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews?

      The correct buy order for the Kate Daniels series by this bestselling author, Ilona Andrews, starts with the title "Magic Bites", published in 2007. It's important to follow the publication order for a more coherent reading experience.

    • Can you recommend a short story by Ilona Andrews in the Kate Daniels series?

      Yes, there is a short story titled "Magic Gifts". It falls between the fifth and sixth books in the Kate Daniels series. This title was published as a kindle publication and mass market paperback.

    • What genre does the Kate Daniels series fall under?

      The Kate Daniels books by author Ilona Andrews are classified as urban fantasy novels. This bestselling series combines the elements of magic and mystery in a modern urban setting, often involving paranormal creatures and romance.

    • What is the latest book released by the author Ilona Andrews?

      The latest book released by this bestselling author team, Ilona Andrews, is title "Emerald Blaze". It's the fifth book in the "Hidden Legacy" series, which is a blend of urban fantasy, magic, and romance.

    • Are there any other book series by Ilona Andrews apart from the Kate Daniels series?

      Yes, Ilona Andrews has written multiple book series. Apart from the famous Kate Daniels books, there is also the "Innkeeper Chronicles", which includes the popular title "Sweep in Peace", the second book in the series. This series follows Dina, an innkeeper with magical abilities, and combines elements of fantasy, magic, and paranormal romance.

    • How can I get an in-depth understanding of a specific Ilona Andrews book before reading it?

      To get a better understanding of a specific book by Ilona Andrews, you can read full reviews online. These reviews often provide a summary of the plot, characters, and themes, without giving away too much of the storyline.

    • Do the authors offer any extras or bonus content related to their books?

      Yes, the author duo Ilona Andrews often releases bonus content for their fans. This might include short stories, deleted scenes, or alternate points of view from their published novels.

    • Has the author Ilona Andrews explored other genres?

      Yes, while Ilona Andrews is best known for Urban Fantasy, many of their books also incorporate elements of paranormal romance. This enhances the reading experience with a touch of romance along with magic and mystery.

    • How often does Ilona Andrews release new books?

      The author duo Ilona Andrews has been quite prolific since their debut, with new book releases generally coming out once or twice a year. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to check their official website or social media platforms.