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Iain M Banks Books in Order (30 Book Series)

Against a Dark BackgroundA Song of StoneCanal Dreams

Iain M Banks has written a series of 30 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 30 books
    1. 3

      The Bridge

      Iain M. Banks

    2. 7

      Canal Dreams

      Iain M. Banks

    3. 12


      Iain M. Banks

    4. 14


      Iain M. Banks

    5. 20

      Dead Air

      Iain M. Banks

    6. 25


      Iain M. Banks

    7. 27


      Iain M. Banks

    8. 29

      The Quarry

      Iain M. Banks

    9. 30


      Iain M. Banks

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    • Who is this Iain Banks guy and why should I care about his books?

      Iain M Banks is a renowned science fiction author who has left a lasting impact in the space opera and general fiction landscapes. His novels carry a depth of character and plot development similar to that of Star Wars and Star Trek, giving you all the more reason to add his books to your reading list.

    • What is the order in which I should read the books of Iain M Banks?

      The best way to read Banks's novels is in published order. This allows you to follow the author's evolution and progression in his writing. For Iain Banks's science fiction novels, start with "Consider Phlebas" (published in February), and for his general fiction books like "The Bridge" (published in April), read them in the order they're published as well.

    • What is the best way to buy the book series of Iain Banks in order?

      The best buy order for Banks's novels would be to start with his science fiction works under the name Iain M Banks, then move on to his general fiction works published under the name Iain Banks. You can find the published details of each title on online platforms, like Amazon, from where you can also buy them.

    • I am intrigued by the author's work. Can I find a detailed review on Iain Banks' books?

      For detailed reviews on Banks's books, you can check critic Paul Kincaid's reviews. You can learn a lot about the inner workings of Bank's science fiction and his stylistic approach from his reviews.

    • Do Iain Banks' novels transcend beyond science fiction?

      Yes, indeed. While Banks is best known for his science fiction novels, he has also dabbled in various other genres like romance, mystery, fantasy and even business. His novel "The Business", published in November, is a delightful departure from his usual science fiction works.

    • Can I find Iain Banks' books in the Kindle publication?

      Yes, most of Banks's novels are available in the Kindle publication format. You can look up the details of each title, including publication date, and enjoy reading his novels on your Kindle.

    • What is the Culture series in Iain Banks' books?

      The Culture series is a set of science fiction novels by Iain M Banks, featuring a highly advanced and utopian interstellar society called the Culture. The series is highly revered in the science fiction world, often compared with epic space operas like Star Wars.

    • I've read the series in order, now I want to read individual novels. Can you suggest some of Iain Banks' best individual books?

      Sure, apart from his Culture series, Iain Banks has written several standalone novels that are as compelling as his series. A few notables include "The Bridge", a blend of reality and game-like fantasy, and "The Wasp Factory", a darkly humorous and often shocking dive into the mind of a troubled young man. Both these novels showcase Banks's range as an author.

    • How active was Iain Banks as an author during his lifetime?

      Iain Banks was quite prolific as an author. From his first novel, "The Wasp Factory", published in September, to his last novel "The Quarry", published in June, he has written a total of 29 books, 16 of which are science fiction novels under the name Iain M Banks, and 13 are general fiction novels under the name Iain Banks. His writing spans a variety of genres, from science fiction and fantasy, to mystery and romance, demonstrating his versatility as an author.