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How to Train Your Dragon Books in Order (14 Book Series)


How to Train Your Dragon is a series of 14 books written by Cressida Cowell. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the correct order to read the "how to train your dragon" books?

      To fully enjoy the "how to train your dragon book series," you should read the books in the sequence that they were published. Starting with Book 1: How to Train Your Dragon, followed by Book 2: How to Be a Pirate, and so on until you reach the final book, Book 12: How to Fight a Dragon's Fury. This chronological reading order gives you a fuller grasp of Hiccup's journey.

    • I'm curious about the series of "how to train your dragon", can you explain it?

      Sure! The "how to train your dragon series" is a collection of 12 exciting books that follow the thrilling adventures of a young Viking boy named Hiccup. Written by Cressida Cowell, the series explores Hiccup's journey as he navigates the world of dragons, and through that learns valuable life lessons.

    • I've seen the TV adaptation of the series, how do the books compare?

      The "books how to train your dragon" are as amazing as the TV adaptation, if not more so. While the TV show offers great visuals, the books delve deeper into the characters' thoughts and emotions, giving readers a more immersive experience of Hiccup's world.

    • How do I add the series to my bookshelf?

      To add the series to your bookshelf, head over to your "menu shelve" on your online bookstore app. Search for "how to train your dragon" in the search bar, and press the "quick add" button. From there, you can add each book in the series to your "wishlist quick". Remember to add them in the correct reading order!

    • I accidentally added a book to my wishlist, how to remove it?

      No problem at all. Just go back to your online bookstore's "main menu", navigate to your wishlist, and locate the book you'd like to remove. Click on the book, and then select "wishlist removed". It's as easy as that!

    • Can I add a review after reading the books?

      Absolutely! After finishing each book, you can go back to the book's page on your bookstore app and leave a "review". Sharing your thoughts and "reviews" can help other readers decide if they would like to read the book too.

    • How can I find reviews about the series?

      Most online bookstores have a section where users can leave and read reviews about books. Searching for "how to train your dragon" should bring up the series, and from there, you can browse the "reviews" section to see what others thought of the books.

    • Can I get a paperback version of the books? Are there any offers available?

      Yes, you can definitely "add paperback" versions of the books to your cart. As for the "offer", it varies from time to time. You might want to keep an eye on the books' page or subscribe to the Hachette newsletter for updates about price drops and special deals.

    • Are the books a great read for kids?

      Yes, the "how to train your dragon" series is a "great" read for "kids" of all ages! The books are filled with humor, adventure, and life lessons that will keep children entertained while also teaching them valuable moral lessons. It's a win-win for both fun and learning.