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Gerald Durrell Books in Order (43 Book Series)

Amateur NaturalistA Zoo in My LuggageArk on the Move

Gerald Durrell has written a series of 43 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 43 books
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      Look at Zoos

      Gerald Durrell

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      Dog Stories

      Gerald Durrell

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      Gerald Durrell

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    • Who is Gerald Durrell and what are his most popular books?

      Gerald Durrell's most popular books are undoubtedly his Corfu Trilogy, a series of novels that tell the story of his childhood spent on the Greek island. The author's love for animals is a central theme in these books.

    • What order should the Gerald Durrell books be read in?

      The recommended order to read Gerald Durrell's works begins with the Corfu Trilogy – "My Family and Other Animals", "Birds, Beasts, and Relatives", and "The Garden of the Gods". Next, you might want to explore his other novels, such as "The Bafut Beagles" and "The Drunken Forest".

    • Are there any fiction books by Gerald Durrell?

      Yes, besides the Corfu Trilogy, Gerald Durrell wrote other fiction books. "Rosy is My Relative" is a delightful standalone novel, which is a mix of romance and general fiction.

    • Can you find Gerald Durrell books in Waterstones children section?

      Yes, indeed. Although Gerald's books often encapsulate adult themes, they're written in such a way that they become suitable for children as well. Waterstones children section often carries copies of Gerald's books, specifically his Corfu Trilogy.

    • What are some other Gerald Durrell novels that could be added to a reading list?

      Other novels by Gerald Durrell that can be added to your reading list are "The Whispering Land", "A Zoo in My Luggage", and "The Overloaded Ark". These novels continue Gerald's tradition of celebrating the animal kingdom.

    • Are there any special editions or formats of these books available?

      Absolutely, multiple formats of Gerald Durrell's books are available. For those who prefer physical copies, you can find hardcover editions or take advantage of paperback offers. If you prefer digital reading, most of his books, including the Corfu Trilogy, are available for Kindle publication.

    • How can I verify the quality and authenticity of a Gerald Durrell book before purchasing?

      It's always a good idea to check the verified reviews before purchasing any book. This way, you can gauge the general sentiment of the readers about the author's work.

    • Are there any books by Gerald Durrell suitable for gift giving?

      The Corfu Trilogy or any of Gerald's standalone novels make excellent gifts. For children, books like "Gerald Durrell's Happy Family" series would be ideal. They are filled with adventures and learnings about animals.

    • What are some unique elements found in Gerald Durrell's books?

      In Gerald Durrell's works, you'll find a harmonious blend of fantasy and reality. His narrative draws you back to a simpler time on a beautiful island, filled with vivid descriptions of nature and animals.