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The Dresden Files Books in Order (18 Book Series)

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The Dresden Files is a series of 18 books written by Jim Butcher. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've been hearing a lot about the Dresden Files. Can you tell me a bit more about this book series?

      Absolutely! The Dresden Files series is a modern fantasy series centered around Harry Dresden, the only wizard detective listed in the Chicago phone book. This series of novels, written by author Jim Butcher, combines elements of detective fiction, mystery, and fantasy to create a truly unique reading experience.

    • How many books are included in the Dresden Files series?

      As of July 2021, there are 17 novels in the Dresden Files series, along with several short story collections. The series started with "Storm Front" and has continued with many other books, including popular titles such as "Fool Moon", "Cursor's Fury", "Princeps' Fury" and "Academ's Fury".

    • What is the reading order of the Dresden Files series?

      It's recommended to start reading the Dresden Files with the first book, "Storm Front", followed by the second book, "Fool Moon". After these, you should read the books in the order in which they were published. The short story collections can be read at any point, but they often add context to the novels, so it's best to read them in order.

    • What's the story behind the Dresden Files series?

      Long story short, the Dresden Files follow Harry Dresden, a wizard who works as a private investigator in Chicago. Harry often deals with supernatural cases, from ethically questionable werewolves to things that go bump in the night. The series is known for its clever writing, complex storylines, and Harry's dry wit.

    • I prefer to read graphic novels. Does the Dresden Files series include any?

      The Dresden Files series does include several graphic novels. These are adaptations of the original novels, but with stunning visuals that add a new dimension to the story. They're a great way to experience the series if you're a fan of graphic novels.

    • What is the author's writing style like in the Dresden Files?

      Jim Butcher, the author of the Dresden Files, has a writing style that effortlessly mixes humor, suspense, and fantasy. He's known for creating complex, well-rounded characters and intricate plots. His writing brings the world of Harry Dresden to life in a way that keeps readers coming back for more.

    • Where can I buy the Dresden Files books?

      The Dresden Files books are available in most bookstores, both in hardcover and paperback. You can also buy them online, with options for Kindle or other e-readers. Be sure to check out any policy corrections or updates from the seller to ensure you're getting the right edition.

    • Is there a specific Dresden Files book that is shorter for someone not used to reading long novels?

      Yes, the Dresden Files series includes a number of short stories. You might want to start with the short story collection "Side Jobs".

    • Do the Dresden Files books fall under the genre of fiction or fantasy?

      The Dresden Files books are a blend of both fiction and fantasy. They're set in a modern-day Chicago, but with a twist: magic is real, and the city is home to a whole host of supernatural creatures. If you enjoy both genres, you're likely to find the Dresden Files an engaging read.