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Francine Rivers Books in Order (36 Book Series)

A Voice in the WindA Fire in the HeartAn Echo in the Darkness

Francine Rivers has written a series of 36 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 36 books
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      Francine Rivers

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      Sycamore Hill

      Sycamore Hill

      Francine Rivers

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      Francine Rivers

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      The Shoe Box

      The Shoe Box

      Francine Rivers



    • Can you list Francine Rivers novels in order, including her best works and series books?

      Francine Rivers books often resonate with themes of faith and redemption. One of her most beloved works is "Redeeming Love," which has been republished numerous times. To add "Redeeming Love" or any other of her novels to your collection, you can shop for the kindle publication or hardcover edition. "Redeeming Love" is a historical Christian romance that serves as a standalone story, so you can read it at any time. However, if you're interested in the order of Rivers' series books, the "Mark of the Lion" series or the Marta's Legacy series are great starting points. To find a complete list of Francine Rivers books in order, you can visit Most Recommended Books; we have organized lists to help readers delve into the world of Francine Rivers' Christian fiction path book by book.

    • What is a must-read Francine Rivers book?

      "Redeeming Love" is a must-read Francine Rivers book that continues to touch the hearts of readers around the world. This bestselling author's work is a powerful retelling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea, set during the California Gold Rush. It is a vivid illustration of God's redeeming love in the life of a woman named Angel. If you are moved by tales of unconditional love, redemption, and the transformative power of faith, then don't hesitate to add this novel book to your reading list. Furthermore, "Redeeming Love" along with the "Marta's Legacy" series can immensely satisfy your appetite for engaging storytelling.

    • Are there any recent Francine Rivers books I can add to my author reading list?

      Francine Rivers, the bestselling author acclaimed for "Redeeming Love," often releases new works that captivate her followers. As an avid author, she adds to her literary repertoire frequently. To stay updated on her most recent publications, you might want to follow her on Twitter or keep an eye on our Most Recommended Books updates, where we consistently share the latest in Christian fiction and romance novels by Francine Rivers, including recent additions to the Marta's Legacy series which continues to captivate her fans.

    • What genres does Francine Rivers books write?

      Francine Rivers is a prolific author who writes mainly historical Christian novels that delve into themes of faith, redemption, and romance. Her books also explore the trials of life and the perseverance of her characters amidst various challenges, while interweaving a strong biblical story foundation.

    • I love novellas. Has Francine written any shorter fiction works in order?

      Yes, Francine Rivers has a fiction novella titled "The Shoe Box," which packs a poignant story into a smaller read. It's a touching Christmas story that showcases Rivers' ability to explore profound themes of love and faith in a shorter publication. It may not be as widely known as "Redeeming Love," but it still exemplifies her writing talents.

    • How recognized is Francine Rivers in the literary community?

      Francine Rivers is a highly celebrated author within the literary community, particularly known for her impactful Christian fiction. Her novels' work has garnered several awards, including the prestigious RITA Awards for her novels. "Redeeming Love" continues to be a star among her works, often recommended for its powerful storytelling and eternal message. Additionally, Rivers' "Marta's Legacy" series is highly regarded for its rich historical detailing and inspirational plotlines.

    • What other series has Francine written that I might enjoy?

      Beyond "Redeeming Love," Francine Rivers has penned other series that readers frequently enjoy. The "Lineage of Grace" series is a collection of five books, each centered on a different woman in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Additionally, the "Sons of Encouragement" series also stands out, focusing on lesser-known biblical figures who supported key leaders in their quest to follow God's will. Whether you are looking for inspiration, historical depth, or a deeper understanding of faith's role in shaping one's destiny, the "Marta's Legacy" series and these other series by Francine Rivers offer something for every reader. She stands among the stars of Christian authors with her ability to weave faith and life into every story.