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Fiona McIntosh Books in Order (31 Book Series)

BetrayalBeautiful DeathBlood and Memory

Fiona McIntosh has written a series of 31 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Fiona McIntosh

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    • Who is Fiona McIntosh and what kind of books does she write?

      Fiona McIntosh is an esteemed author who writes across various genres, most notably in general fiction, romance, and fantasy.

    • Can you tell me about the character, Jack Hawksworth, in Fiona McIntosh's books?

      Jack Hawksworth is a prominent character created by author Fiona McIntosh. This character appears in the crime fiction novels where he serves as DCI Jack Hawksworth, heading investigations in gripping murder mysteries.

    • What's the recommended order to read Fiona McIntosh's books?

      To get the most out of Fiona McIntosh's books, it's recommended you read them in the order they were published. This allows you to follow the progression of her writing and storytelling techniques over the years.

    • Can you give me details about the Percheron series by Fiona McIntosh?

      The Percheron series is a fantastical fiction saga by author Fiona McIntosh. It involves a richly-imagined world full of intrigue, magic and diverse characters. The series covers three novels and it's best read in the order they were published.

    • I'm interested in Fiona McIntosh's Valisar trilogy. What should I know about it?

      The Valisar trilogy is a captivating work of fiction by Fiona McIntosh. It tells a sweeping tale of power, treachery, and heroism. Like her other works, it's advisable to read the books in order, starting with "King's Wrath", then "Tyrant's Blood", and finally "Royal Exile".

    • Where could I find Fiona McIntosh's books, specifically those featuring DCI Jack?

      Fiona McIntosh's books, including those featuring DCI Jack, can be found on various book retail websites. For your convenience, AddAll Book search and price comparison tool can be of great help to find the best buy order for you.

    • What is the publication order of Fiona McIntosh's general fiction novels?

      The publication order of Fiona McIntosh's general fiction novels can be found on her official website or on book databases. The first title published was "Betrayal" in 2001, followed by many others over the years.

    • Can I read Fiona McIntosh's novels on Kindle?

      Yes, many of Fiona McIntosh's novels are available for Kindle publication. This includes her fiction, romance, and fantasy novels.

    • What can you tell me about the book covers of Fiona McIntosh's novels?

      The book covers of author Fiona McIntosh's novels are often as captivating as the stories themselves. They usually depict elements relevant to the story, giving potential readers a hint of what to expect inside.