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Elise Kova Books in Order (27 Book Series)


Elise Kova has written a series of 27 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've been hearing a lot about Elise Kova's fantasy romance novels. Can you tell me about her books in series order?

      Sure! Elise Kova is the author of two major fantasy series: The "Air Awakens" series and the "Loom Saga". The "Air Awakens" series, featuring the heroine Vhalla and her love interest, the prince, is a sweeping fantasy romance set in a world teetering on the brink of a war. The series order is: "Air Awakens", "Fire Falling", "Earth's End", "Water's Wrath", and "Crystal Crowned". The "Loom Saga" follows a different world and characters.

    • I'm interested in the Air Awakens series. What's the series order and can you provide an overview?

      The series order for the "Air Awakens" books by Elise Kova is as follows: "Air Awakens", "Fire Falling", "Earth's End", "Water's Wrath", and finally, "Crystal Crowned". These books follow the life of a library apprentice named Vhalla who discovers she has air magic and is thrown into a world of political intrigue and romance with a prince.

    • I've read a few reviews of the Air Awakens series. Can you summarize the world building and fantasy elements?

      The world of "Air Awakens" is a captivating fantasy world where the Solaris empire dominates. The empire is ruled by a prince who becomes entangled in a fantasy romance with Vhalla, a commoner with a unique ability to wield air magic. As their romance deepens, they must navigate the political intricacies of the empire and the larger world. The elements of fantasy and romance are beautifully intertwined, making this series a must read.

    • Where can I buy the books in order of the Air Awakens series?

      You can find the entire series order of "Air Awakens" at a few places. The books are available for purchase on Noble Thriftbooks, the Audible Bookshop, and Bookshop Org. Also, you can find used versions of the series on Org Ebay.

    • Can I listen to Elise Kova's books on tape?

      Yes, you can! All of Elise Kova's books are available in audio format. The Air Awakens series is particularly well-received in its audio version, with each book narrated by Kova herself. You can find the audio books on the Audible Bookshop.

    • I've heard about a podcast discussing Elise Kova's books. Is it worth checking out?

      There was indeed a podcast discussing her books, but unfortunately, it has since failed to continue. However, you can still find numerous reviews, ratings, and discussions about the books online.

    • Is there a Kindle publication of Elise Kova's books in the correct series order?

      Yes, you can find all of Kova's books in their correct series order on Kindle. This allows for easy reading, especially if you prefer to consume your fantasy fiction digitally.

    • Are there any other series by this author that have a similar world or romance like the Air Awakens series?

      Elise Kova's other series, the "Loom Saga" features a similar world and romance. While the world and characters differ from the "Air Awakens" series, it still provides a rich fantasy and romance experience. The series order for the "Loom Saga" is: "The Alchemists of Loom", "The Dragons of Nova", and "The Rebels of Gold".

    • What kind of reviews are there for Elise Kova's books?

      The reviews for Elise Kova's books are overwhelmingly positive. Readers love the fantasy world she builds, the romance between Vhalla and the prince, and the intricate political struggles of the Solaris Empire. Many praise her writing style, character development, and the way she intertwines fantasy and romance elements.