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Douglas Preston Books in Order (48 Book Series)

Beyond the Ice LimitAloysius X. L. PendergastBlasphemy

Douglas Preston is a series of 48 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 48 books
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      Douglas Preston

    2. 6
      Mount Dragon

      Mount Dragon

      Lincoln Child

    3. 8


      Lincoln Child

    4. 13
      The Codex

      The Codex

      Douglas Preston

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      Douglas Preston

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    • Who is the author Douglas Preston and what does his order of books look like?

      Douglas Preston is a New York Times bestselling author known for his thriller novels featuring the character, FBI special agent Pendergast. The order of his books usually follows a chronological pattern according to the publication date and the story's timeline.

    • Can you tell me about the Ford series by Douglas Preston?

      The Ford series is a set of books by author Douglas Preston which takes readers on thrilling adventures. It features a character named Gideon, a young scientist turned action hero. The order of the Ford series follows the journey of Gideon as he navigates various thrillers, with the thriller Gideon being one of the notable books in the series.

    • What about the Crew series? How is it different from the Ford series?

      The Crew series by Douglas Preston is distinctly different from the Ford series. This series primarily revolves around Nora Kelly, a museum curator in New York, who gets pulled into solving thrilling mysteries. The thriller Nora is a highlight of the crew series.

    • Do the books of Douglas Preston come in Kindle publication as well?

      Yes, Douglas Preston's books are available in kindle publication as well as paperback and hardcover editions. The book covers of his novels have been highly appreciated for their intriguing designs that perfectly capture the essence of the thrillers inside.

    • What's the average rating of books by Douglas Preston?

      Douglas Preston's novels generally receive high avg ratings from readers and critics alike. His books are known for their gripping narratives and well-crafted characters, particularly FBI agent Pendergast who is a fan favorite.

    • Can I read Douglas Preston's books in any order or is there a specific sequence to follow?

      While some of Douglas Preston's books can be read as standalone novels, others, especially those featuring recurring characters like FBI Agent Pendergast or the Crew series and the Ford series, are best enjoyed when read in order. This helps to maintain the continuity and development of the characters across different books.

    • Has Douglas Preston collaborated with other authors for any of his books?

      Yes, Douglas Preston has collaborated with author Lincoln Child for several of his books. Their combined efforts have led to many New York Times bestselling novels, featuring recurring characters such as FBI agent Pendergast.

    • Is there any romance element in Douglas Preston's novels?

      While Douglas Preston is primarily known for his thriller and fiction books, there are elements of romance in some of them. However, these elements are generally secondary to the thrilling narratives and mystery-solving elements that dominate his novels.

    • Where can I find reviews of Douglas Preston's books?

      Reviews of Douglas Preston's books can be found on various platforms including book review websites, online bookstores, and social media platforms. These reviews can give you a good idea of what to expect from each book and help you decide which one to pick up next. Don't forget to leave a reply with your thoughts after reading!