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Dewey Lambdin Books in Order (27 Book Series)

A Hard, Cruel ShoreA Fine RetributionA King's Commander

Dewey Lambdin has written a series of 27 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 27 books


    • What is the complete list of dewey lambdin books in order by the author?

      The complete list of books in the alan lewrie series by author Lambdin can be found on our website. This adventure historical series kicks off with "The King's Coat" and follows with numerous titles chronicling the naval adventures of Alan Lewrie. You can easily find the full list in order under our series section.

    • Can I find the series in order including all the lewrie novels?

      Yes, the lambdin series is listed in chronological order on our catalog page. Just look for the Alan Lewrie section under our adventure dewey collection for the entire sequence of books. This will make your reading experience seamless, as you'll be able to follow the progression of Lewrie's naval and personal adventures.

    • I'm new to dewey lambdin's writing. Where should I start with the lewrie book series?

      If you're new to the historical series of this prolific author, you should begin with the first novel in the lewrie series, "The King's Coat." It introduces Alan Lewrie and sets up the background for his many naval and personal adventures. Each subsequent book builds on the previous, so starting at the beginning is the best approach.

    • Are there any books by dewey lambdin that are not part of the alan lewrie series?

      While the author is best known for the series alan Lewrie, Dewey Lambdin has also ventured into standalone novels. You can find these on our author's menu, where we feature a comprehensive list of his works including the top-rated series alongside his standalone fiction titles.

    • What formats are available for the lambdin series?

      The novels are available in various formats including kindle and paperback. You can easily add these to your cart directly from our site and continue your adventure into historical naval fiction with Alan Lewrie.

    • Is it important to read the lewrie books by dewey lambdin in order?

      Yes, to get the full scope of character development and overarching storylines, it is good to read the lewrie books in the order that author Lambdin intended. This also ensures that you don't miss any of the romance, mystery, and thrilling high seas adventures that are sprinkled throughout the series.

    • Besides naval adventures, what other themes can I expect from the alan lewrie books by this author?

      In addition to the central theme of naval adventures, the Alan Lewrie series by Dewey Lambdin incorporates elements of romance, historical intrigue, and mystery. Lambdin's expertise in writing vivid and authentic marine fiction makes the series an enjoyable read for fans of historical adventure and also those who appreciate well-crafted storytelling by skillful authors.