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David Weber Books in Order (93 Book Series)


David Weber is a series of 93 books written by 6 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 93 books
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    93 books in this series

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    • Can you tell me about David Weber books, specifically regarding the order in which they were released?

      Sure, author David Weber has written a plethora of books, many of which belong to long-running series. The order of publication is pivotal when diving into Weber's diverse and immersive universes. His first book, "Insurrection", was co-authored with Steve White and released in March 1990. However, Weber's breakthrough as a solo author came with "On Basilisk Station", the first book in the Honor Harrington series, published in April 1993.

    • I've heard a lot about the Harrington series penned by this author. Could you give me a brief overview?

      Absolutely! The Harrington series, also known as the Honorverse, is a massive space opera penned by Weber. It's based on the life and adventures of Honor Harrington, a fearless and accomplished officer in the Space Navy. Weber's first book in this series, "On Basilisk Station", was released in April 1993 and the series currently comprises more than 20 books.

    • Are there any other notable series or novels from this author?

      Yes, apart from the Harrington series, the author David Weber has penned several other notable series and standalone novels. His "Safehold" series is another popular science fiction saga. Weber also co-authored the "Ring of Fire" series with Eric Flint, which showcases a blend of alternate history and science fiction.

    • Where can I find a comprehensive list of Weber's books?

      You can find a comprehensive list of Weber books on various online platforms. Many of these platforms allow you to add books to your wishlist quick and easy. You can also find publication details such as hardcover and Kindle publication dates.

    • Does David Weber work with other authors on some of his books?

      Yes, Weber has co-authored several novels with other authors. The most notable collaboration is with Eric Flint for the "Ring of Fire" series. Weber has also worked with Charles Gannon, among others.

    • Do Weber's books get good ratings?

      Absolutely, Weber's books typically get very good ratings. Readers particularly love the Honorverse series, which has consistently high ratings. The science fiction and space opera genres have been well-appreciated by the fans of Weber.

    • From a publication standpoint, when are Weber's books usually released?

      Weber has been quite consistent with his book releases. Weber October and Weber February are two periods when fans eagerly await his new books.

    • Has Weber ever ventured into other genres of fiction apart from science fiction?

      Mainly, Weber is known for his science fiction and space opera novels. However, he has also explored the romance genre with "In Fury Born", co-authored with Richard Fox. But the majority of his bestsellers are undeniably within the realm of science fiction.

    • Can I purchase David Weber's novels online?

      Yes, David Weber's novels are available to purchase online in various formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. Websites like Amazon make it easy to add Weber's books to your wishlist quick, and check up on the series order, ratings, and publication order.