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David Housewright Books in Order (27 Book Series)

Curse of the Jade LilyA Hard Ticket HomeDarkness, Sing Me a Song

David Housewright has written a series of 27 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me a bit about the author David Housewright and his McKenzie series?

      Absolutely! Author David Housewright is an Edgar-winner Housewright who has created a popular mystery series featuring the character Rushmore McKenzie. The McKenzie series, published by Housewright Minotaur, has been widely acclaimed for its thrilling plots and intriguing character development.

    • Is there a specific order I should follow when reading the books in the Mac McKenzie series?

      Yes, to get the full experience, you should read David Housewright's books in the McKenzie series in order. This allows you to follow the development of the characters and the storyline consistently.

    • I've heard a lot about the McKenzie series, but has David Housewright written any other books or novels?

      Yes, apart from the McKenzie series, author David Housewright has also written several other mystery novels. He also dabbled in romance and has written a short story. Most of his works have been highly rated by readers worldwide.

    • How reliable are the ratings of David Housewright books?

      The rating book system is generally considered reliable. However, you may occasionally come across an error rating. In such cases, you can always read full reviews from trusted sources or clear rating doubts by checking multiple review platforms.

    • Who is Frank Zafiro and how is he related to David Housewright's novels?

      Frank Zafiro is a notable author known for his mystery novels. He has often been compared to David Housewright in terms of his writing style and the mystery elements in his books. Zafiro has publicly appreciated Housewright's work, further solidifying this connection.

    • Where can I buy David Housewright's novels?

      David Housewright's novels are widely available. You can buy physical copies at bookstores or purchase them online. They are also available in various formats, including Kindle.

    • I am a fan of police mysteries, will I enjoy Housewright's books?

      Certainly! Many of David Housewright's books, including the McKenzie series, incorporate elements of police and detective work. If you enjoy mystery novels with a police theme, you'll likely enjoy his work.

    • What is the average rating of David Housewright books?

      The avg rating of David Housewright's books varies, but it's generally high, a testament to the quality of his writing. It's always a good idea to read a full review before deciding whether a book is right for you.

    • Are there any romantic elements in the McKenzie series?

      While the McKenzie series is primarily focused on mystery, author David Housewright does incorporate some elements of romance in his books. However, the romantic aspects never overshadow the central mystery plot.