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David Gemmell Books in Order (33 Book Series)

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David Gemmell has written a series of 33 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm new to the wonderful world of David Gemmell books and want to read them in order. Can you help me?

      Absolutely! Starting with David Gemmell's Legend, the first book of the Drenai Tales, is a great way to dive into his world of fantasy and adventure. After that, the order of the books in the Drenai series is: The King Beyond the Gate, Waylander, Quest for Lost Heroes, Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf, The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, The Legend of Death Walker, Winter Warriors, Hero in the Shadows, White Wolf, and The Swords of Night and Day.

    • I've heard the "Hawk Queen" series is fantastic! Should I read those after the Drenai series?

      Yes, the "Hawk Queen" series is another of Gemmell's wonderful fantasy sagas. It includes the books Ironhand's Daughter and The Hawk Eternal. This is followed by the "Stones of Power" series, also known as the "Sipstrassi" series.

    • Is there a reliable source where I can find all David Gemmell's books listed in publication order?

      Yes, there is. You can refer to the Gemmell Wiki page, which lists all of David's books in their publication order. Also, you can check the book covers and read reviews to get a sense of the novels.

    • Can I get David Gemmell's novels on my Kindle?

      Yes, you can! You will find that all of David Gemmell's novels have a Kindle publication. You can easily add them to your e-book collection and start your fantasy journey.

    • How do I navigate the menu to find David Gemmell's books on an online bookstore?

      Usually, you can type "David Gemmell" into the search bar. Once the results are displayed, look for a menu shelve or category related to "authors" or "genres". Click on "David Gemmell" under authors, or "Fantasy" under genres to explore his novels.

    • I've heard a lot about the "Wolf in Shadow" book. Where does it fit in the order of David Gemmell's books?

      The book "Wolf in Shadow" is the first in the "Stones of Power" series. It's a pivotal book that showcases Gemmell's skill at blending fantasy, romance, and action. This is followed by the books "Ghost King" and "Last Sword of Power" in the Sipstrassi series.

    • Is there a Drenai warrior that stands out in David Gemmell's books?

      Druss the Legend is a prominent Drenai warrior in the world of David Gemmell's books. His story is first introduced in the novel Legend, and he appears in other books as well.

    • How can I keep track of the David Gemmell books I have read?

      You can create a shelf rate system, where you list the books you have read and rate them based on your enjoyment. This way, you can easily refer to it when you recommend David's books to other fantasy fans.

    • How is the book "The Swords of Night and Day" related to the Drenai series?

      "The Swords of Night and Day" is the last novel in the Drenai series. It brings the legendary tale of Druss to a close, but his legacy lives on in the other books of the series.