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Darynda Jones Books in Order (29 Book Series)

A Good Day for ChardonnayA Bad Day for SunshineA Hard Day for a Hangover

Darynda Jones has written a series of 29 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 29 books


    • What is the correct order to read darynda jones books in order?

      To experience the full arc of darynda jones's writing, it's ideal to read her primary works in the order they were published, especially when it comes to series books. This helps maintain narrative continuity and character development. You can find a list of darynda jones books in order for each series and standalone titles on our website, allowing you to easily add them to your reading list or read them on Kindle and paperback, where available.

    • Can you provide the avg rating for darynda jones's books?

      The avg rating for darynda jones's books often reflects her popularity, with many titles receiving high praise from readers and critics alike. As an author, she has garnered a dedicated following, with her books frequently appearing on lists alongside other bestselling titles. We feature the average reader ratings along with reviews to help customers choose their next read.

    • Are there any series by Darynda Jones to consider for an urban fantasy reading read, featuring Charley?

      Yes, urban fantasy enthusiasts will find the Charley Davidson series, also known as series Charley, to be an engrossing reading read. Darynda Jones spins a captivating tale with a blend of humor, romance, and mystery, featuring a sassy private investigator who is also a reaper, Charley Davidson. This series has been highly popular among fans of the genre.

    • Is Darynda Jones known for writing in any other genres besides fantasy?

      While darynda jones is renowned for her fantasy and urban fantasy series, she also ventures into the realms of romance and mystery. Her Sunshine Vicram series, for instance, combines elements of suspense, mystery, and a touch of romance, delivering a rich and engaging narrative that has earned her the title of New York Times best-selling author.

    • How can I add darynda jones books to my reading list?

      Adding darynda jones's books to your reading list is simple. Once you find the title or series you're interested in, you can easily add them to your list on our site. Each book page offers links to Amazon for both Kindle and paperback editions, ensuring you have the format you prefer to read.

    • What books does the Sunshine Vicram series start with?

      The first book in the Sunshine Vicram series by Darynda Jones is titled "A Bad Day for Sunshine." Released in April 2020, this book introduces readers to the exciting world of Sunshine Vicram, where mystery and humor intertwine, and showcases Jones's writing prowess beyond her widely recognized Charley Davidson series.

    • Where can I find the newest releases by author Darynda Jones?

      To stay updated on the latest releases by New York Times bestselling author Darynda Jones during the month of Jan, you can visit our website which is frequently updated with new titles, including those from popular series as well as standalone books. You will also find direct links to Amazon, where you can choose to purchase in Kindle or paperback formats, ensuring you won't miss out on any of her captivating stories featuring the reaper Charley.