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Charley Davidson Books in Order (18 Book Series)


Charley Davidson is a series of 18 books written by Darynda Jones. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the Charley Davidson series?

      The Charley Davidson series is a line of adult urban fantasy romance novels written by the author Darynda Jones. The series features a private investigator named Charley who has a special talent of communicating with the dead. This grim reaper twist adds a dash of the supernatural to what would otherwise be a series of detective novels. The first book in the series is called "First Grave on the Right".

    • Who is the author of the Charley Davidson series?

      The Charley Davidson series is penned by the gifted author, Darynda Jones. Her knack for blending romance, fantasy, and death with humor has garnered her a loyal fan base. The author's first book in the series, "First Grave on the Right", introduced the world to Charley, a strong-willed, coffee-loving grim reaper.

    • What genre of fiction does Darynda Jones write?

      Darynda Jones is an author known for her contributions to the adult urban fantasy and romance genres. Her Charley Davidson books are a quirky blend of these genres, with Charley's role as a grim reaper adding an extra layer of intrigue.

    • How many books are there in the Charley Davidson series?

      There are 13 books in the Charley Davidson series, starting with "First Grave on the Right". This book introduces readers to Charley Davidson, the private investigator who also happens to be the grim reaper.

    • Can I find the Charley Davidson books on Amazon?

      Yes, the Charley Davidson books by author Darynda Jones are available on Amazon. You can view details, add the books to your cart, and choose from either kindle or hardcover versions.

    • How are the Charley Davidson books rated on Goodreads?

      The Charley Davidson books have a good Goodreads rating. The first book in the series, "First Grave on the Right", has especially been praised for its unique blend of adult urban fantasy, romance, and humor.

    • What is the order of the Charley Davidson books?

      The Charley Davidson books should ideally be read in the order in which they were released. The first book is "First Grave on the Right", followed by "Second Grave on the Left", "Third Grave Dead Ahead", and so on. Reading in order helps maintain the continuity of Charley's adventures and romantic escapades.

    • Are there any unique elements to the Charley Davidson series?

      Yes, the Charley Davidson series has quite a few unique elements. Most notably, Charley Davidson, the protagonist, is a grim reaper. This means she can speak to the dead, a trait that she uses to solve murder cases.

    • Can I add the Charley Davidson books to my library?

      Of course! The Charley Davidson books make a great addition to any library. You can find them on Amazon, view details, refer to the Goodreads rating, and decide whether you want them in Kindle or Hardcover format.