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Darcy Coates Books in Order (25 Book Series)

Dead LakeCraven ManorFrom Below

Darcy Coates has written a series of 25 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 25 books
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      Dead Lake

      Darcy Coates

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      Darcy Coates

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      Darcy Coates

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    • Can you provide me with a list of Darcy Coates books in order?

      Absolutely! The order starts with Craven Manor, then moves on to The Carrow Haunt, The Haunting of Ashburn House, The Haunting of Blackwood House, and finishes with Voices in the Snow, The Haunting of Rookward House, and The Haunting of Gillespie House. Keep in mind that these are primarily horror haunting novels by the author Darcy Coates.

    • I've heard that this author primarily writes horror books. Is that true?

      Yes, it is! The author Darcy Coates is well-known for her chilling tales of haunted houses, eerie occurrences, and all things spooky. Her books often delve into the horror black of the unknown and the supernatural that lurks in the shadows.

    • I just bought a house and I don't have a proper bookshelf yet. Is there a particular book I should start with from this series?

      Well, the house you'll want to house buy from the books of Darcy Coates is Craven Manor. It is the first book in order. This horror fiction title sets the stage for the others and makes for a compelling read saving.

    • Where can I buy these books in paperback form?

      You can find all of Coates' books in paperback format on various counter online stores, such as Amazon. Just search for "Darcy Coates" and you'll find all her novels available for purchase.

    • Is there an online grammar guide for Darcy Coates' books?

      While there's no specific online grammar guide for author Darcy Coates' books, they are well-written and easy to understand. Her language is clear, concise, and won't require a grammar book clear to comprehend.

    • Is there a way to refresh my knowledge about the plot before starting the next book in the series?

      Yes, you can use a book refresh by revisiting the earlier books or checking out a summary online before moving on to the next book in the series. This will help you add to your understanding and enjoyment of the story.

    • Can I order the books to my Kindle?

      Indeed, you can! All of Darcy Coates' books are available for kindle publication orders. This includes all of her haunting, house-themed horror books.

    • How do I know which Darcy Coates book to read next?

      You can follow the publishing order, which ensures you are reading them as the author intended. If you ever get confused, simply visit darcycoates.com for the latest information on book order.

    • Does Darcy Coates only write about haunted houses?

      While haunted houses are a recurring theme in her work, Darcy Coates also explores other elements of horror. For instance, the book “Dead Lake” revolves around a camping trip gone wrong, while “Small Horrors” is a collection of short horror stories that include other elements of fear and the dark unknown.