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Dan Brown Books in Order (8 Book Series)


Dan Brown has written a series of 8 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm a fan of Dan Brown. Could you tell me the correct order to read his books?

      Certainly! Author Dan Brown's books should ideally be read in the order of their publication date. The first novel in the Robert Langdon series is "Angels & Demons," followed by "The Da Vinci Code," "The Lost Symbol," "Inferno," and "Origin."

    • I heard Robert Langdon, a character from Dan Brown's books, encounters a deadly epidemic in one of the novels. Which book is this?

      That's correct. Robert Langdon encounters a deadly epidemic in "Inferno," which is the fourth book in the series by author Dan Brown. This thriller combines mystery with science.

    • I’m trying to find perfect covers for my paperback Kindle editions of Dan Brown books. Any suggestions?

      For Dan Brown's books, you might want to check the original book covers used in the hardcover editions. The art often involves historical symbols and offers a glimpse into the theme of the novel.

    • As a fiction reader, can you tell me how often science features in Dan Brown's novels?

      In Dan Brown's novels, science often plays a crucial role. In the book "Origin," for example, the plot revolves around the conflict between God and science. Also, in "Inferno," a science-based deadly epidemic threatens the world.

    • Is there any order to the symbols and codes used in Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series?

      While the symbols and codes used in Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series do not follow a specific order, they all significantly contribute to the mystery element in these fiction novels. From the Da Vinci Code in the eponymous book to the mysterious symbols in "The Lost Symbol," each book offers a new puzzle for Langdon to solve.

    • Can you please clarify the confusion between Dan Courter and Dan Brown as authors of the Robert Langdon series?

      Absolutely. There is no confusion. The Robert Langdon series was written by author Dan Brown, not Dan Courter. Dan Courter is not associated with the Robert Langdon series or any of Dan Brown's books.

    • I am a die-hard fan of "The Da Vinci Code." Can you suggest other Dan Brown books that have a similar theme?

      If you loved "The Da Vinci Code," you'd likely enjoy other books in Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series. The series blends mystery, history, and symbols just like in "The Da Vinci Code." You might particularly enjoy "Angels & Demons" where Langdon finds himself entangled in a mysterious and deadly plot involving secret societies.

    • What role does science play in the fiction novels of Dan Brown set in Boston?

      In Dan Brown's fiction novel "Origin," which is partly set in Boston, science plays a significant role. The story revolves around a controversial discovery that challenges the intersection of God and science. Each of Dan Brown's novels frequently delves into different scientific or historical contexts.

    • Is there a platform where I can find all the Dan Brown books in one place?

      Yes, you can find all of Dan Brown's books on Amazon. Robert Langdon's adventures are available in various formats, including paperback and Kindle. You can also read reviews and check the publication order of the books.