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Barry Eisler Books in Order (22 Book Series)

A Lonely ResurrectionA Clean Kill in TokyoAll the Devils

Barry Eisler has written a series of 22 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 22 books


    • Can you provide a list of Barry Eisler books in order of publication?

      Certainly! You can find a list of all of Barry Eisler's books, including Eisler's thrillers on our website, with links to each book on Amazon. For the John Rain series, also known as the "rain books", the chronological reading order is essential to follow the development of the character. To ensure a seamless narrative, it is recommended to read them as they were published.

    • What is the first book in the Rain series by Barry Eisler?

      The first book in the John Rain series is "A Clean Kill in Tokyo," which introduces readers to the half-Japanese, half-American assassin Rain. This character-driven story is where the journey begins, featuring Thomas, and it's crucial to start here to fully grasp the intricate web of events that unfold in subsequent books.

    • Is there a specific reading order for the Treven series by Barry Eisler?

      Yes, the Treven series comprises a specific sequence of Eisler books featuring the operative Ben Treven. Starting with "Fault Line," you should follow the series order to enjoy the evolution of characters and plot. Each book's listing on our site includes a link to purchase them on Amazon, so you can conveniently follow the series in the intended order.

    • How many Barry Eisler books are there in the Rain series in total?

      Barry Eisler has written numerous Barry Eisler's books that encompass various series and standalone novels. On our Most Recommended Books website, you can find a complete list of Eisler's works, including the popular Rain series, the Treven series, and more, all available through links to their Amazon pages.

    • Are there any recurring characters in Barry Eisler novels aside from Rain?

      Absolutely! Alongside Rain, characters like the sniper Dox, and the black-ops soldier Ben Treven cross paths in Eisler's interconnected universe. Readers often enjoy seeing their favorite characters reappear, adding depth and continuity to the series as a whole.

    • Besides series books, does author Barry Eisler write any standalone eisler books?

      While Barry Eisler is well-known for his series books, he has also authored standalone novels. These often feature deep, complex plots and are rich in suspense. Fans of his series books will not be disappointed with the standalone works, which maintain the same level of action and intrigue associated with Eisler.

    • What type of content do you share on your blog about Barry Eisler's work?

      On our blog, we discuss various topics around authors like Barry Eisler, detailing interesting aspects of their writing, such as character development, plotting, and insider views into the world of espionage. Posts might cover aspects like Blood & Rain, the dynamics between Rain books and his allies like the lethal sniper Dox, or the operational cunning of Ben Treven and Alex Treven. Our blog offers insights and discussion points for readers who want to dive deeper into the worlds these authors create.