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Alex Cross Books in Order (31 Book Series)

Alex Cross's TrialAlex Cross, RunAlong Came a Spider

Alex Cross is a series of 31 books written by James Patterson. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 31 books
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    31 books in this series

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    • Who is the author of this book series?

      The Alex Cross series author is James Patterson.

    • How many Alex Cross books are there?

      There are 31 novels in this James Patterson books series (oh, and you can also see all Alex Cross novels in order here!).

    • When was each book in this series written?

      The first in the Alex Cross series was written in 1992, and the latest was written in 2023 (And for this Alex Cross books in order list, we also added the publication years of each book right above the "View on Amazon" button in case you would want that information). By the way, we wrote this in November 2022, so in case this information has changed please go to the email button below and let us know!

    • Why can't I add any of these books to a shopping cart?

      Years ago we decided our first rule/ law is "don't try to out-Amazon Amazon". Which is why we don't have any of the features they already do well (no reading list, no number of pages to check, no price, no add to cart, no wishlist/ personal library, etc...). So all these years we've only focused on what we do well, which is bringing you the best/ most accurate Detective Alex Cross list that we could.