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Tim Dorsey Books in Order (27 Book Series)

Cadillac BeachAtomic LobsterClownfish Blues

Tim Dorsey has written a series of 27 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Tim Dorsey and what is his Serge Storms series?

      Tim Dorsey is an American author who is renowned for his mystery novels set in Florida. His most popular series features the character Serge Storms, a manic yet lovable serial killer with a deep love for the state of Florida, its culture, and its history. You might even say that Serge Storms is the idiosyncratic embodiment of Florida itself - at least, Florida as portrayed in Tim Dorsey's novels.

    • Can you offer a description of the first book in this series and any specific details about the book?

      Absolutely! The first book of Tim Dorsey's Serge Storms series is titled "Florida Roadkill". This book kick-starts the wild ride through the Sunshine State with Serge and his sidekick, Coleman. It's a darkly funny tour-de-force, published by William Morrow Paperbacks. For more view details, check the book's listing on Amazon. You'll find pages William Morrow Amazon has dedicated to the book, including reviews, comments, and more.

    • How should I shelve Dorsey's books in my library, and is there a specific shelf rate for the series?

      Ideally, you should shelve them under mystery, crime, or Florida fiction, depending on how you organize your library. Despite the eccentricity and humor in the books, they are primarily mystery novels with a touch of fantasy and romance too. The shelf rate can vary depending on the condition and edition of the books.

    • Is there a preferred order for reading the Serge Storms books?

      While each book in the series can technically stand alone, it's generally recommended to read them in order of release. This allows you to follow Serge's escapades across the state of Florida in sequential order, and enjoy the development of secondary characters like Coleman.

    • Can I read Tim Dorsey’s books online or on a Kindle, and where can I find them?

      Yes, you absolutely can! Most of Dorsey’s books are available in Kindle format on Amazon. An Amazon view details add will also provide you with the opportunity to purchase a physical copy if you prefer holding a library book in your hands.

    • What is the latest book in the Serge Storms series?

      The latest book in the series is titled "Tropic of Stupid", the 24th novel featuring Serge Storms. This continues Serge and Coleman's misadventures across the state of Florida.

    • Have members of the reading community enjoyed Dorsey's books?

      Yes, many members of the reading community have enjoyed Dorsey’s books. They often praise the blend of humor, mystery, romance, and fantasy in the series, as well as the author’s deep love and knowledge of the state of Florida.

    • How often are new books from Tim Dorsey's Serge Storms series released?

      Typically, a new book is released every year or so. Fans of the series eagerly anticipate the next release to see what new mischief Serge and Coleman will get into next in their beloved state of Florida.

    • Are there any common themes or motifs in Dorsey's books?

      Yes, besides the constant presence of Serge Storms and his escapades throughout Florida, there is always a mystery to be solved. The books frequently tackle different aspects of Florida culture and history, and often involve crime or shadowy figures from Florida's past.