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Ted Dekker Books in Order (57 Book Series)


Ted Dekker is a series of 57 books written by 4 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 57 books
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      Ted Dekker

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      Ted Dekker

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      Ted Dekker

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      Erin Healy

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      Erin Healy

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    • Can you tell me about Ted Dekker books and what their order is?

      Author Ted Dekker is a New York Times bestselling author, known for his suspense and fantasy books. The order of his books varies, as he has written numerous standalone novels, as well as series. For instance, his Circle series is best read in the order of "Black," "Red," "White," and "Green."

    • Who is the author of the Circle Series?

      The Circle Series is written by author Ted Dekker. He's a well-established author in the world of suspense and fiction, with a knack for creating compelling and dark storylines.

    • Would you recommend reading the Circle books in order?

      Definitely! To fully immerse yourself in Ted Dekker's world of suspense and fiction, it's best to read the Circle series books in the following order: "Black," "Red," "White," and finally "Green." This order enables you to follow the complex and intertwined plots of love, evil, and redemption.

    • Are Ted Dekker's books available on Kindle Publication?

      Yes, many of Ted Dekker's novels are available for Kindle publication. This includes his Circle series, standalone books, and other series like the "Chosen" books and his "Thomas Hunter" novels.

    • I am a huge fan of fiction books, are any of Ted Dekker's books fiction?

      Absolutely! Ted Dekker is renowned for his fiction novels, particularly in the genres of suspense and fantasy. His books often explore deep themes of good and evil, love and hatred, heaven and earth, and include a dash of romance as well.

    • Which book should I start with as a first-time reader of Ted Dekker?

      It is widely suggested to start with "Black," the first novel in the Circle series. This book will introduce you to Dekker's unique world of suspense, love, and trepidation. You'll likely find yourself hooked and wanting to read the rest of the series and more novels by Ted Dekker.

    • Can you recommend any book bundle by Ted Dekker?

      One of the most popular book bundles by Ted Dekker is the Circle Series Box Set. It includes the four novels "Black," "Red," "White," and "Green." This New York Times bestselling series promises an exciting journey through suspense and fantasy, love and evil, and the thin line between this world and the next.

    • Are there any less-known fiction books by Ted Dekker that you'd recommend?

      Yes, besides the well-known Circle series, Ted Dekker has written a number of standalone fiction novels that are less known but equally thrilling. "The Bride Collector" is a suspense-filled thriller with a killer subplot. "The Sanctuary" is a suspense novel that delves into themes of love, betrayal, and redemption.

    • What about the works of Rachelle Dekker? Are they similar to Ted Dekker's novels?

      Rachelle Dekker, the daughter of Ted Dekker, is also a talented author in her own right. Her works typically involve suspense and elements of the supernatural, much like her father's. However, she has a distinct voice and style, and her novels are unique in their own way.