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Steve Berry Books in Order (31 Book Series)

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Steve Berry is a series of 31 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm an ardent fan of thriller writers, particularly Steve Berry. Can you give me the ultimate guide to reading Steve Berry books in order?

      Certainly! Author Steve Berry is renowned for his thrilling Cotton Malone adventure series. You can check the publication order out online, which usually starts with "The Templar Legacy". However, you should note that the character Cotton Malone was introduced in the author's first standalone novel, "The Amber Room". It's often suggested to read shelving these books in the order they were published to follow the development of the characters and the story arc.

    • I'm a novice reader of Steve Berry and I love short stories. Does Steve Berry have any short stories to his credit?

      Yes, indeed! In addition to his full-length thrillers, author Steve Berry has also written several short stories. These include "The Balkan Escape", a prequel to "The Emperor's Tomb" and "The Devil's Gold". You can menu shelve these on your Kindle or other reading device for a quick thrill on the go.

    • How would I rate the books of Steve Berry on the scale of thrillers series?

      The books of Steve Berry, particularly the Cotton Malone series, are highly regarded in the world of political thrillers. Each book in the series offers a mix of history, intrigue, and adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. You can check out the shelf rate or reader reviews online to see how they stack up against other thrillers.

    • As a young adult, which book by Steve Berry would be the best to start with in the world of spy thrillers?

      Steve Berry's books are more adult-oriented, but the Cotton Malone series might appeal to young adult readers interested in international intrigue and adventure. The first book in the series, "The Templar Legacy", might be a good starting point. Remember to check the content for suitability.

    • Do the novels by the author Steve Berry contain any elements of romance?

      While the primary focus of Steve Berry's novels is on historical and political thriller elements, there are indeed some romantic subplots. These are usually secondary to the main story and are tied to the personal lives of the characters, like Cotton Malone's relationships.

    • What is the latest Cotton Malone series book by Steve Berry?

      The latest Cotton Malone series book by Steve Berry at the time of writing is "The Kaiser's Web". It's a great continuation of the series, delving once more into international intrigue and thrilling action.

    • How many years has Steve Berry been writing novels?

      Author Steve Berry published his first novel, "The Amber Room", in 2003. So, he has been weaving thrilling tales for readers for around 18 years.

    • Can one read the books in the Cotton Malone series out of order?

      While you can technically read the books in the Cotton Malone series out of order, it's usually recommended that you follow the publication sequence to get the most out of the overarching story and character development.

    • I love the way that Luke Daniels narrates Steve Berry's books. How many of Berry's books has he narrated?

      Luke Daniels has narrated several of Steve Berry's novels. His voice is particularly well suited to the thrilling nature and fast pace of the stories. You can usually find this information in the editions section of the book details before you read or purchase a copy.