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Sofie Kelly Books in Order (14 Book Series)

A Midwinter's TailA Case of Cat and MouseA Night's Tail

Sofie Kelly has written a series of 14 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 14 books


    • Can you provide me with Sofie Kelly books in order?

      Of course! On our website, Most Recommended Books, you can add all of Sofie Kelly's books in their correct order to your reading list. Just look for the 'Magical Cats' mystery series and you can start with the first book, "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat." From there, you can continue with each subsequent book in the series.

    • What is the order of Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats mystery series?

      To dive into Sofie Kelly’s Magical Cats mystery series in the correct order, you should start with "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat," and proceed as follows. The entire series can be easily found in our shop section, where you can buy the books and add them directly to your cart.

    • I love a good cozy mystery series in order. How do I start with the Magical Cats mysteries?

      If cozy mystery series are your cup of tea, beginning with the Magical Cats mysteries is a top choice. To start reading, buy "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat," which introduces you to librarian Kathleen and her two extraordinary cats, Owen and Hercules. Continue with the books in order to follow their adventures.

    • What makes the Magical Cats mystery series by Sofie Kelly so unique?

      The Magical Cats mystery series by Sofie Kelly stands out because it features a charming blend of cozy mysteries with a touch of the magical. Readers follow Kathleen, a librarian, and her two special cats, Owen and Hercules, who possess unique abilities that help her solve mysteries.

    • How many books are there in Sofie Kelly's book series featuring magic and mystery?

      Sofie Kelly's book series featuring magical elements and mystery currently has numerous titles for you to enjoy. Each book follows Kathleen and her cats, Owen and Hercules, on their sleuthing adventures. You can see the complete series and order on our website, and start reading today!

    • Is it important to read the books in Sofie Kelly’s series in order?

      Yes, it’s generally best to read the books in Sofie Kelly’s series in order to fully appreciate the character development and overarching plot. Plus, you’ll witness the evolution of the bonds between Kathleen, Owen, and Hercules. Feel free to browse our website to find the series listed in the correct reading order.

    • Do I need to read any other authors before starting on Sofie's mysteries?

      No, you don't need to read other authors before jumping into Sofie Kelly's enchanting world of mysteries. Her books stand on their own and are great for readers new to the genre or long-time fans of cozy mysteries with magical elements. You can start with her series directly and enjoy the adventures of Kathleen, Owen, and Hercules.