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Simon Scarrow Books in Order (56 Book Series)


Simon Scarrow has written a series of 56 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm a fan of Simon Scarrow books. Can you tell me what series he has written and in what order should I read them?

      Certainly, Simon Scarrow's most famous series is the 'Eagle' series. Starting with "Under the Eagle", this Roman fiction series follows the adventures of Centurion Macro and his young charge, Cato. The order of this series, in terms of publication order, is "Under the Eagle", "The Eagle's Conquest", "When the Eagle Hunts", "The Eagle and the Wolves", "The Eagle's Prey", "The Eagle's Prophecy", "The Centurion", and several more up to the latest book, "Traitors of Rome".

    • I'm just getting into books by Simon Scarrow. What is the order of his novels?

      Simon's novels are best read in the order they were published, which also often aligns with chronological order. Start with the first book of the 'Eagle' series, "Under the Eagle", which was Simon's first book. After that, follow the publication order of the series for the best experience.

    • Can you tell me more about author Simon Scarrow?

      Simon Scarrow is an English author known for his historical fiction. His novels have a strong focus on Roman history, but he has also written about Napoleon, Wellington, and the Roman army. His work has been commended for its accurate portrayal of historical events and time periods.

    • Where can I buy Simon Scarrow books in order?

      You can buy order Simon's books online on platforms like Amazon, or in bookstores. For convenience, consider Kindle publication if you prefer to read digitally.

    • How is the menu of novels written by Simon Scarrow segmented in terms of genres?

      Simon Scarrow's novels cover a range of genres, primarily historical fiction. They are set in various time periods, from the Roman era to the Napoleonic wars. His 'Eagle' series is particularly notable for its deep dive into Roman history and military tactics. Simon has also ventured into young adult fiction with his 'Gladiator' series.

    • Could you describe the book covers for the Simon Scarrow series?

      The book covers for Simon Scarrow's novels typically feature elements related to the time periods they're set in. Many of them, such as the 'Eagle' series, feature Roman soldiers, symbolizing the series' focus on the Roman army.

    • What is the order of popularity for the novels by Simon Scarrow?

      The popularity of Simon's novels can be gauged by their avg rating on websites like Goodreads. Generally, his 'Eagle' series tends to be the most popular, particularly the earlier books like "Under the Eagle" and "The Eagle's Conquest".

    • Can you tell me about the published details of Simon Scarrow's books?

      Each of Simon's novels comes with specific published details. These include the title published, the year buy, the genre, and whether it's part of a series. For instance, his first novel, "Under the Eagle", was published in 2000 as part of the 'Eagle' series.

    • What is the latest book by Simon Scarrow and where can I buy it?

      Simon's latest book at the time of writing is "Traitors of Rome", the latest installment in the 'Eagle' series. You can buy it online or in bookstores. Remember to check the read title and book covers to ensure you're purchasing the correct novel.