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Rory Clements Books in Order (14 Book Series)

CorpusA Prince and a SpyHitler's Secret

Rory Clements has written a series of 14 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you introduce me to the book series written by Rory Clements?

      Absolutely! Rory Clements, the accomplished author, has penned down a fabulous historical mystery series centered around John Shakespeare. This captivating series, set in England, takes the reader through a thrilling journey filled with intrigue and suspense.

    • How many books are there in the John Shakespeare series by Rory Clements?

      The John Shakespeare series, written by this acclaimed author, comprises of 6 novels along with a short story. The series is rich in historical detail, engrossing readers with its vivid depiction of Elizabethan England.

    • Can I search for Rory Clements' books on a shelving menu?

      Yes, you can. Searching for Rory Clements' books on a shelving menu will not only give you the names of the books but also a brief synopsis of each. It's a simple way to find and add to your reading list.

    • What is the order of Rory Clements' books in the John Shakespeare series?

      The John Shakespeare series begins with "Martyr," followed by "Revenger," then moves on to "Prince," "Traitor," "The Heretics," and concludes with "The Queen's Man." There's also a short story named "The Man in the Snow." It's best to read these books in order to fully grasp the narrative.

    • In what formats can I find the books of Rory Clements?

      Rory Clements' books can be found in various formats from hardcover and paperback to Kindle editions. This allows readers to choose their preferred mode of reading, be it a traditional hardcover book, a lightweight paperback, or a digital Kindle version for on-the-go reading.

    • Should I read the latest book first or go in order?

      It's recommended to read the books in the order of their release. That way, you'll get a better understanding of the character development and the unfolding historical elements that Rory Clements, the author, masterfully weaves into his narratives.

    • What is the unique selling point of Rory Clements' book series featuring John Shakespeare?

      Rory Clements' book series featuring John Shakespeare is unique because it blends historical events in England with the life of a fictional character, John Shakespeare, who is a spy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. These books offer a captivating mix of mystery, spy intrigue, and historical fiction, making them a must-read.

    • I'm interested in historical fiction set in England. Would you recommend Rory Clements' books?

      Absolutely! Rory Clements is a professor at Cambridge and has a deep understanding of England's history. His books are not just well-researched historical fiction, but they also weave in elements of mystery and spy adventures. They are perfect for those who want to dive into the past while enjoying a good thriller.

    • Who is the protagonist in Rory Clements' book series?

      The protagonist in Rory Clements' book series is a man named John Shakespeare. He is portrayed as an intelligencer, or spy, serving Queen Elizabeth I in a tumultuous period of England's history. His character is carefully crafted to reflect the complexities of the time and the man's own personal struggles.