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Robyn Peterman Books in Order (57 Book Series)

A Fashionably Dead ChristmasA Fashionable FiascoA Fashionably Dead Diary

Robyn Peterman has written a series of 57 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard about these so-called mystical books by author Robyn Peterman. Is there a recommended order to read them?

      Yes, indeed! Author Robyn Peterman has penned numerous mystical and charming book series. Each book series has its own order of books for the best reading experience.

    • Are there any good books by Robyn that I should start with?

      A good starting point would be the "Hot Damned Series" by the author Robyn Peterman. This series is highly rated with an avg rating that's commendable on Goodreads.

    • What is the publication order of the "Hot Damned series"?

      The kindle publication order of the "Hot Damned series" starts with "Fashionably Dead" and continues with numerous other follow-ups in the 'dead' theme. You can check all these on Robyn's Goodreads author page.

    • I'm in the midst of my own midlife crisis. Any Robyn Peterman books that could resonate with my situation?

      Ah, the midlife crisis. Author Robyn Peterman has a set of books revolving around that theme. Starting off with "It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis", this book series can be quite relatable for someone in the throes of their own midlife crisis.

    • Is there a publication that features demons or the supernatural? I'm attracted to such genres.

      Absolutely. Robyn Peterman's "Sea Shenanigans" series features all sorts of mystical creatures, including demons. The first book in this demon series is "Switching Hour".

    • What about her other publications? Can you provide some details?

      Sure thing. Apart from the midlife crisis and demon series, Robyn has a series called the "Magic and Mayhem" series. The first book of this series is "Switching Hour". You'll find both paperback and hardcover publications for this series.

    • Robyn Peterman has her books available on Kindle, correct?

      Yes, that's correct. Many of her books, including the "Kindle Fashionably Dead" series, are available on Kindle. This allows for easy reading on-the-go.

    • Where can I check out the book covers and ratings for Robyn Peterman's books?

      You can check out the various book covers and avg rating for each of her books on her Goodreads author page. It's quite informative and helps you select your next read.

    • What's the best way to wrap up my reading experience with Robyn's books?

      Peterman Robyn's collection is quite extensive. After exploring her 'dead' and 'damned' series, you could end your reading journey with her standalone fiction book, "Size Matters". It's a great wrap-up to the mystical, hilarious, and endearing world of Robyn Peterman.