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Robin Cook Books in Order (38 Book Series)

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Robin Cook has written a series of 38 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Robin Cook

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      Robin Cook

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      Robin Cook

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      Robin Cook

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      Robin Cook

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      Robin Cook

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    • Can you please give me a list of robin cook books in order?

      Absolutely, the books by author Robin Cook are typically listed in the order of their publication. The first book he published was "The Year of the Intern" in 1972. However, his most popular medical thriller, "Coma", didn't come out until five years later in 1977. Over the years, Cook has written a number of bestselling novels, including numerous titles that have become a part of popular series like the Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series and the Pia Grazdani series.

    • Can you elaborate more on the Blumenthal series from Robin Cook?

      I'm sorry for the confusion, but Robin Cook hasn't written a series called the Blumenthal series. You might be mixing up authors. Cook is well-known for his medical thrillers, but a series by that name doesn't appear in his bibliography.

    • What can you tell me about the Grazdani series by Robin Cook?

      The Grazdani series is an engaging duo of books by Robin Cook, centered around a character named Pia Grazdani. The series kicks off with the book "Death Benefit" and is followed by "Nano". This series showcases Cook's talent in writing gripping medical thrillers.

    • Who is Pia Grazdani from Robin Cook's novels?

      Pia Grazdani is a compelling character created by Robin Cook. Featured in the Grazdani series, Pia is a brilliant and determined medical student who often finds herself embroiled in dangerous and thrilling situations. She is the protagonist in two of Cook's medical thrillers, helping to drive the gripping narratives that the author is renowned for.

    • How often does Robin Cook publish a new book?

      Robin Cook is a prolific writer and has been publishing books regularly for several years. On average, he has released a new book every 1-2 years since his first publication in 1972.

    • Where can I find the order of Robin Cook’s books?

      The order of Robin Cook's books can be found on a few different online platforms. Goodreads, an author and book review site, generally lists Cook's books in their publication order. You can add these books to your wishlist, quick review them and even add a reply to join the conversation about these thrilling medical novels.

    • Can I share my views about Robin Cook's books online?

      Absolutely! You can share your views and reviews about Robin Cook's books on platforms like Goodreads. You can add a book to your online shelf, add a star rating, and type up a reply to share your thoughts about Cook's medical thrillers.

    • Are Robin Cook's thrillers available in both paperback and Kindle?

      Yes, Robin Cook's thrillers are available in a variety of formats. You can find them in paperback, hardcover, and for e-readers like Kindle.

    • Who is the character “Jack” in Robin Cook's books?

      'Jack' in Robin Cook's books is Jack Stapleton, a medical examiner in New York City. He is a central character in many of Cook's novels and is known for his sharp wit and dedication to unraveling medical mysteries. He is the protagonist in the thriller "Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery" series which includes books like "Crisis" and "Pandemic".