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Rick Campbell Books in Order (7 Book Series)


Rick Campbell has written a series of 7 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Rick Campbell and what are some Rick Campbell books?

      Author Rick Campbell is a retired Navy Commander who has transitioned into writing fiction. He specializes in military and submarine thrillers. Some of his most prominent works include the Trident Deception series and the Blackmail series.

    • Can you give me a brief description of these books?

      Rick Campbell’s books generally revolve around high-stakes military and submarine warfare, often involving nuclear threats. His stories are well-researched and realistic, often drawing on his own experiences in the Navy.

    • What's the order to read the books by Rick Campbell?

      The order to read Rick Campbell's books begins with "The Trident Deception", followed by "Empire Rising", "Ice Station Nautilus", "Blackmail", "Treason", and finally "Deep Strike". Following this order will allow the reader to follow the chronological progression of the narrative.

    • Are there any books featuring a submarine in Rick Campbell's work?

      Yes, submarines are a common feature in Rick Campbell's work. His books often detail the intricacies of submarine warfare, both nuclear and conventional. His authenticity in detailing these operations is one of the hallmarks of his writing.

    • How are the ratings for Rick Campbell's books?

      Rick Campbell's books generally have high ratings. However, it seems there has been an error rating one of his books. The avg rating dropped, but it's not clear why. Maybe a plan to boost the rating failed, or perhaps the list failed to update properly.

    • Has Rick Campbell narrated any of his books or participated in any related media activities?

      Yes, Campbell has narrated some of his own books. He also appeared in a podcast, but it seems the podcast failed to gain traction. Campbell's narration, however, has been well-received.

    • Are there any romance themes in Rick Campbell's books?

      While Campbell's books are predominantly military thrillers, there are subtle threads of romance woven into the narrative. However, they are not the main focus of the story. If you're looking for a romance novel, you might be better off with a Hoover Colleen book.

    • Is there a new book by Rick Campbell expected to be published soon?

      At the moment, there is no information about a new book by Rick Campbell. However, given his track record of exciting thrillers, fans are eagerly waiting for the next release.

    • What are some themes that Rick Campbell explores in his books?

      Rick Campbell explores a range of themes in his books. He often incorporates geopolitical tensions, with China and Russia frequently featured as adversaries. The threat of nuclear warfare is also a recurring theme. His books often present a potential launch scenario, which adds to the suspense and thrill of the narrative.