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Penelope Douglas Books in Order (20 Book Series)


Penelope Douglas has written a series of 20 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard a lot about Penelope Douglas, but I'm not familiar with her novels. Can you tell me more about this author and her books?

      Absolutely! Author Penelope Douglas is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author known for writing contemporary romance and young adult fiction. Her books typically combine elements of romance, fiction, and a compelling story that keeps readers hooked.

    • I am interested in the series of books written by this author, can you tell me which series to start with?

      Yes, if you're new to this author, starting with her "Fallen Crest" series is a good idea. This series is a popular young adult fiction that revolves around the lives of teenagers at Fallen Crest High.

    • I have read all the novels by this author in Kindle publication, do I miss out on any unique features in the paperback versions?

      While the story remains the same, the paperback versions of Penelope Douglas's novels might have some additional features such as unique book covers or additional notes from the author that you might enjoy.

    • When was the latest book by Penelope Douglas released?

      The latest book by Penelope Douglas was released in 2020, and it's a part of her 'Kiss Quotient' series. It's a romance fiction novel that has been well-received by the readers.

    • Can I add these books to my reading collection or cart somewhere?

      Yes, you can add these books to your reading collection or cart on multiple online platforms, including Amazon for both Kindle and paperback versions.

    • Is there a recommended order to read Penelope Douglas books?

      Yes, it's generally recommended to read them in the order of their release, starting with her debut novel, 'Night Novella', followed by the 'Fallen Crest', and then the 'Kiss Quotient' series.

    • What kind of ratings do this author's books usually get?

      Penelope Douglas's books usually receive high ratings, indicating their popularity among readers. For a specific rating, you can check a platform like Goodreads where readers rate books after reading them.

    • Is there a way to flag these books or add them to a wishlist?

      Yes, most online platforms allow you to add books to a wishlist or flag them for future reference. This can be really useful if you want to keep track of the books by this author that you plan to read.

    • Are there any specific themes that this author likes to explore in her novels?

      Author Penelope Douglas often explores themes of love, resilience, personal growth, and coming of age in her novels. This is particularly evident in her young adult fiction series.