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Nevada Barr Books in Order (23 Book Series)

A Superior Death13 ½Bittersweet

Nevada Barr has written a series of 23 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the connection between the pigeon mystery and Nevada Barr books?

      The pigeon mystery refers to the intriguing and suspenseful cases solved by Ranger Anna Pigeon, the protagonist in Nevada Barr's series of mystery novels set in different national parks.

    • Who is the author behind the popular Anna Pigeon books, and what is her background?

      The author of the Anna Pigeon books is Nevada Barr, a former park ranger herself. She draws inspiration from her own experiences as a park ranger to create the thrilling and captivating mysteries that Anna Pigeon solves in national parks across the United States.

    • Can you provide the order of Nevada Barr's novels featuring the park ranger Anna Pigeon?

      To enjoy the adventures of park ranger Anna Pigeon, it's best to read Nevada Barr's novels in publication order, starting with "Track of the Cat" and followed by "A Superior Death," "Ill Wind," "Firestorm," "Endangered Species," and so on. The latest book in the series is "Boar Island."

    • In which national parks do the mysteries of the Anna Pigeon series take place?

      The Anna Pigeon series is set in various national parks throughout the United States, including Guadalupe Mountains National Park in "Track of the Cat," Isle Royale National Park in "A Superior Death," and Mesa Verde National Park in "Ill Wind." Each book brings the reader on an exciting adventure within a unique park setting.

    • Can you tell me more about the protagonist, Anna Pigeon, in Nevada Barr's novels?

      Anna Pigeon is a skilled park ranger and amateur sleuth who solves mysteries in different national parks throughout the Nevada Barr series. She is a complex character with a strong sense of justice and dedication to protecting the natural world, often facing danger and personal challenges in her quest to uncover the truth.

    • Have any of the Nevada Barr books featuring Anna Pigeon received awards or recognition?

      Yes, Nevada Barr and her Anna Pigeon series have received multiple awards and recognition, including the prestigious Agatha Award for Best First Novel (for "Track of the Cat") and the Malice Domestic Award for Lifetime Achievement.

    • Are there any pigeon books or novels that share similarities with the Nevada Barr series?

      While there may be other mystery novels or pigeon books that involve birds or park rangers, none can capture the unique blend of thrilling suspense, captivating characters, and vivid national park settings that make the Nevada Barr books and Anna Pigeon series so distinctive and beloved by fans.

    • Where can I buy Nevada Barr books, and are they available in hardcover?

      Nevada Barr books can be purchased at bookstores, online retailers, and sometimes even in national park visitor centers. They are available in various formats, including hardcover, paperback, and digital editions, depending on your reading preference.

    • If I am new to the Nevada Barr series, which Anna Pigeon mystery should I start with?

      It's recommended to start with the first book, "Track of the Cat," and read the series in publication order. This will allow you to follow Anna Pigeon's character development and fully immerse yourself in the thrilling national park mysteries that define the Nevada Barr series.