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Molly Harper Books in Order (32 Book Series)


Molly Harper has written a series of 32 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the molly harper books in order?

      Of course! Molly Harper's books in order start with the "Nice Girls" series, which includes "Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs," "Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men," "Nice Girls Don't Live Forever," and "Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors." Next is the "Half-Moon Hollow" series, then "Bluegrass" series, and finally the "Southern Eclectic" series. Each series offers its own unique blend of humor, romance, and paranormal elements.

    • What are some of the bayou books by this author?

      Molly Harper's bayou books are part of her "Southern Eclectic" series, which includes titles like "Sweet Tea and Sympathy" and "Ain’t She a Peach." These books view the life and love of the McCready family living on Lake Sackett, Georgia, and are filled with Harper's signature wit and charm.

    • Can you elaborate on the hollow books by Molly Harper?

      Sure, the hollow books by Molly Harper are part of her popular "Half-Moon Hollow" series. The series in order includes titles like "The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires," "Driving Mr. Dead," and "Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors." This series combines humor, paranormal romance, and a unique southern charm.

    • What does moon hollow refer to in Molly Harper's books?

      "Moon Hollow" refers to "Half-Moon Hollow," a fictional small town in Kentucky, where many of Molly Harper's paranormal romance books are set. The town is populated by colorful characters, including vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal beings.

    • Who exactly is Molly Harper?

      Molly Harper is a popular contemporary and paranormal romance author with an avg rating of 4.01 on Goodreads. She is known for her humor-filled writing style, as well as her knack for creating relatable characters in both contemporary and paranormal settings.

    • What is her latest book?

      Molly Harper's latest book as of March 2022 is "Crazy, Wicked Love," which is part of her "Southern Eclectic" series. It continues her tradition of writing fun, witty, and heartwarming contemporary romance stories.

    • How many series does this author have and can you name them?

      Author Molly Harper has four main series to her name. These are the "Nice Girls" series, the "Half-Moon Hollow" series, the "Bluegrass" series, and the "Southern Eclectic" series.

    • Are her books available in kindle publication?

      Yes, Molly Harper's books are widely available in kindle publication and other ebook formats, making them easily accessible to readers worldwide.

    • Do the books by this author explore young adult themes?

      While Molly Harper is known for her adult contemporary and paranormal romance tales, she does not typically write young adult fiction. Her books, however, are known for their humor and relatability, which can appeal to a wide range of readers, including young adults.