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Miss Julia Books in Order (24 Book Series)

Miss Julia Delivers the GoodsEtta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck DayMiss Julia Happily Ever After

Miss Julia is a series of 24 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is this Miss Julia series I've been hearing about?

      The Miss Julia series is a popular set of novels penned by author Ann B. Ross. The books Miss Julia has become a beloved figure in the cozy mystery genre and the series has earned a top spot on many bookshelf rates.

    • What can I expect from a cozy mystery like the Julia books?

      Cozy mystery novels, like the Miss Julia series, often feature engaging characters, small town settings, and intriguing mysteries. Miss Julia hits all these notes, and more, offering readers an engaging and lighthearted read.

    • I keep hearing about a character named Hazel Marie in these Julia books. Who is she?

      Hazel Marie is a recurring character in the Miss Julia series. She adds a layer of romance and intrigue in the books, making them more exciting to read.

    • I'm new to reading the Miss Julia series. What book should I start with?

      The Miss Julia series should ideally be read in order. You can find the books Miss Julia in different formats - Kindle, hardcover and paperback, in the books subcategories. Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind is the first book in the series.

    • How many books are there in the Miss Julia series?

      The Miss Julia series currently comprises of over 20 novels, each one a bestseller. The author Ann B. Ross has done a fantastic job of consistently delivering high-quality, enjoyable Miss Julia books.

    • Can I find the Miss Julia series in my local library?

      Yes, you can! Most libraries will have a section dedicated to cozy mysteries like the Miss Julia series. Just look for the menu shelve Miss Julia, and you'll find them right there!

    • What makes the Miss Julia series so popular among readers?

      The Miss Julia series is popular for its engaging characters, particularly Miss Julia herself. She's a strong, independent, and often hilarious Southern woman who finds herself solving various mysteries in her small town. The mix of mystery, humor, and romance has made these books a hit among readers.

    • Is there a way to keep track of which Miss Julia books I've read?

      You bet! You can use the "editions read" feature on many reading apps and websites. This allows you to mark the books you've read from the Miss Julia series and keep track of your reading journey.

    • How would you describe Miss Julia's style in the book series?

      Miss Julia's style in the Miss Julia series is a combination of humor, sass, and southern charm. Her adventures are full of hilarity, romance and mystery that keep the readers entertained and wanting more. She manages to balance her traditional Southern hospitality with a knack for solving the peculiar mysteries that seem to find their way to her doorstep.