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Michael McGarrity Books in Order (17 Book Series)

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Michael McGarrity has written a series of 17 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 17 books


    • What is the correct order to read michael mcgarrity books in order to read the series?

      To experience michael mcgarrity's book series in the way the author intended, you should start with "Tularosa" and proceed in the order of release. This ensures you follow the chronological development of the characters and plotlines set in Santa Fe and other parts of New Mexico. The correct sequence allows for a more immersive reading experience as you get to know the main character, police chief Kevin Kerney. Young adults and older readers alike find the long narrative arc satisfying and engrossing.

    • Can I buy all of michael mcgarrity books available for purchase on Most Recommended Books?

      Yes, you can buy all of michael mcgarrity's novels through our website. We provide convenient links to each book's Amazon page where you can add them to your shopping cart. Whether you're interested in mystery, historical fiction, or police drama, McGarrity's works cover a variety of genres, including forays into the top-rated lists of fantasy novels for some readers.

    • As an avid reader, are there any new michael mcgarrity book series releases I should look out for?

      To stay updated on new releases from your favorite author michael mcgarrity, it's best to regularly check back for the latest from Michael McGarrity. We keep track of the author's new novels, including book series additions, and update our site accordingly with the publisher's release information, so you never miss a beat.

    • What themes does michael mcgarrity explore in his Kevin Kerney book series that appeal to mature audiences?

      In the Kevin Kerney series, michael mcgarrity delves into a variety of themes including mystery, romance, police procedural in a New Mexico setting, and the complexities of family dynamics. His stories often feature rich descriptions of the Santa Fe region and tackle both personal and professional challenges faced by his characters, including the seasoned police officer, Kevin Kerney.

    • How do I begin reading michael mcgarrity's first book in the Kevin Kerney series if I am a new reader and eager to start?

      For those new to the series, you can start reading Michael McGarrity's first book in the Kevin Kerney series by finding "Tularosa" on our website. Simply search for the title, and you'll be able to buy it instantly by adding it to your cart on Amazon. Starting from the first novel is recommended to understand the character development from the beginning. It's also a wonderful way to introduce kids to the richness of New Mexico's history and landscape.

    • What type of readers would enjoy michael mcgarrity’s novels, and could you recommend a book for a younger audience?

      Michael McGarrity’s novels are a great choice for readers who enjoy intricate plots with a blend of mystery, history, and romance. Though not typically categorized as fantasy, fans of police procedurals and crime fiction set in the American Southwest, particularly around Santa Fe, would particularly appreciate this series. Additionally, readers who like to follow a consistent character, like police chief Kevin Kerney, throughout a series will find these books compelling, and a young reader may become captivated by the vivid setting and dramatic storyline.

    • What should I do if I want to gift a michael mcgarrity book to someone who enjoys reading, maybe even including a personal touch like greeting cards?

      Gifting a michael mcgarrity novel is a thoughtful idea for someone who enjoys reading, especially if they're fans of mystery or police stories. Simply select the desired book from McGarrity's Kevin Kerney series on our website, then use the link to buy it on Amazon where you can choose to send it as a gift. Don't forget to add a gift message or even unique greeting cards to make it more personal!