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Mesu Andrews Books in Order (11 Book Series)

In the Shadow of JezebelBy the Waters of BabylonIsaiah's Daughter

Mesu Andrews has written a series of 11 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the connection between Penguin Random House and Mesu Andrews?

      Mesu Andrews is an author who has had several of her books published by Penguin Random House. She's known for her engaging fiction, specifically historical and Christian fiction.

    • Can you tell me about the series of books by author Mesu Andrews?

      Absolutely, Mesu Andrews has written several series, each focusing on a different biblical era. Some of her popular series include the "Prophets and Kings" and "A Treasures of His Love" series. These fiction books offer a captivating blend of romance, drama, and historical facts from biblical times.

    • What kind of formats are Mesu Andrews books available in?

      Mesu Andrews' books are available in different formats including hardcover, paperback, and even digital formats like Kindle. Whether you prefer the feel of a physical book or the convenience of a digital one, Andrews has you covered.

    • What else does Penguin Random House offer for Mesu Andrews' books besides the paperback and Kindle versions?

      Penguin Random House offers a club kit for Mesu Andrews' books. This is especially useful for book clubs as it includes discussion guides and other helpful resources. Plus, the kindle publication includes bonus features like author notes and behind-the-scenes details.

    • Who is the Andrews author who writes the Mesu Andrews books?

      The Andrews author who writes the Mesu Andrews books is none other than Mesu herself. She's an acclaimed author and has received high rating book reviews from both readers and critics. She's known for her powerful storytelling and her ability to weave facts and fiction together seamlessly.

    • Could you tell me more about the people behind the Mesu Andrews books, like the cover designer and the narrator?

      Of course. The book covers of Mesu Andrews' books are typically designed by Lisa Larsen. When it comes to the audiobook versions, the narration is usually done by Lisa Larsen as well. They both do an excellent job in bringing Mesu's stories to life.

    • Where can I find more personal information about Mesu Andrews?

      Mesu shares personal information, life updates, and insights about her books on her blog. You can also sign up for her newsletter where she shares news about her upcoming books, events, and more.

    • What themes are explored in Mesu Andrews' books?

      Mesu's books often explore themes of faith, god, and love. They're predominantly Christian fiction and often delve into the life, trials, and triumphs of biblical figures like Isaiah. Her books offer readers a chance to explore these themes in a historical context while also enjoying a good dose of romance and drama.

    • What are some of the most popular books by Mesu Andrews and when were they published?

      Some of Mesu's most popular books include "Isaiah's Daughter," published in January 2018, and "Of Fire and Lions," published in Mar 2019. Both of these historical fiction novels have received high praise from readers, with "Isaiah's Daughter" in particular being noted for its compelling portrayal of Isaiah's life through the eyes of his daughter.