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Mel Starr Books in Order (14 Book Series)

A Trail of InkA Corpse at St. Andrew's ChapelAshes to Ashes

Mel Starr has written a series of 14 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Melvin Starr and what series of books is he known for?

      Melvin Starr, also known as Mel Starr, is an acclaimed historical fiction author. He's best known for his series of mysteries set in 14th-century England featuring the character Hugh de Singleton, a skilled surgeon.

    • Can you tell me about the main character in the Mel Starr series?

      Yes, the protagonist of Mel Starr's series is Hugh de Singleton, a surgeon from the 14th century. This character is a masterfully depicted surgeon in a time when the medical field was still in its infancy.

    • How are these Starr books organized? Is there a specific order to read them in?

      Yes, there's a specific order for reading Mel Starr's books. They follow the chronological adventures of surgeon Hugh de Singleton. It's best to read them in order of publishing to follow the character's development and the unfolding mystery chronicle.

    • What types of books does Mel Starr write? Are they all about the same surgeon character?

      Mel Starr primarily writes historical mystery books. Most of his works revolve around the character of Hugh de Singleton, a surgeon in the 14th-century. However, he also writes historical romance and other genres.

    • I heard there's a Starr book menu. What's that about?

      Yes, there is a menu of Starr's books which helps to direct readers to the various titles and series. It's a convenient way to browse, select, and order his works.

    • Are all of Melvin Starr's books available as hardcovers, or are some available only as paperbacks or eBooks?

      Melvin Starr's books are available in a variety of formats, including hardcover, paperback, and eBook. The availability of each format may vary depending on the title and publishing house.

    • Do any restrictions apply to ordering Starr's paperback kindle books?

      Yes, some restrictions do apply when ordering Starr's paperback kindle books. For instance, some may not be available for immediate shipping to every country due to publishing rights and agreements.

    • How can I review the books in Mel Starr's series? Is there a rating menu?

      Yes, after reading a book by Mel Starr, you can review and rate it on various platforms. Many sites have a rating menu where you can shelve the book, rate it, and leave your review.

    • I'm specifically interested in the surgeon Hugh de Singleton. Do all of Mel Starr's books chronicle his life and work?

      Yes, a significant portion of Mel Starr's historical mystery fiction indeed revolves around the life and work of surgeon Hugh de Singleton. However, the author also explores other themes and characters in his body of work.