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Mary Higgins Clark Books in Order (66 Book Series)


Mary Higgins Clark has written a series of 66 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 66 books
    1. 5

      A Cry in the Night

      Mary Higgins Clark

    2. 6


      Mary Higgins Clark

    3. 7

      Murder in Manhattan

      Mary Higgins Clark

    4. 8

      Murder On The Aisle

      Mary Higgins Clark

    5. 11

      Caribbean Blues

      Mary Higgins Clark

    6. 12

      Double Vision

      Mary Higgins Clark

    7. 19

      Remember Me

      Mary Higgins Clark

    8. 21

      Bad Behavior

      Mary Higgins Clark

    9. 25

      My Gal Sunday

      Mary Higgins Clark

    10. 28

      You Belong to Me

      Mary Higgins Clark

    11. 30

      The Plot Thickens

      Mary Higgins Clark

    12. 52

      The Lost Years

      Mary Higgins Clark

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    • I'm a fan of mystery suspense novels and I've heard a lot about the Mary Higgins Clark books. Can you tell me if there are any specific order in which I should read her books?

      Absolutely! As a mystery enthusiast, you'll find that Mary Higgins Clark's books are truly engaging. To get the most out of her suspenseful narratives, it's best to read her series in order. While each book can stand alone, you can have a better understanding of the recurring characters and themes if you follow the chronological order. That being said, her first suspense novel, 'Where Are The Children?' would be a good place to start.

    • I've heard that Mary Higgins Clark also co-writes with other authors. Is this true?

      Yes, it's true. Mary Higgins Clark's extensive writing career includes collaborations with other authors. She has co-written a series of holiday mystery novels with her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, who is also a renowned author. These include the charming and suspenseful Regan Reilly mysteries. Mary has also collaborated with Alafair Burke, an acclaimed author in her own right, on the Under Suspicion series.

    • I'm curious about the Higgins books. Are they all mystery suspense novels?

      Indeed, the Higgins books, whether written by Mary Higgins Clark or Carol Higgins Clark, are all drenched in mystery and suspense. Both authors have a knack for crafting complex plots and characters that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

    • I'm a big fan of short story collections. Has Mary Higgins Clark ever published a short story?

      Yes, Mary Higgins Clark has indeed dabbled in the realm of short stories. She has a book titled "Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories" which is a compilation of her short stories. It offers bite-sized suspense that's perfect for cozy evening reads.

    • Do the Mary Higgins Clark books have a specific theme or recurring characters?

      Yes, many of Mary Higgins Clark's books tend to have recurring characters and themes. Her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, features Regan Reilly, a private investigator, in many of her novels. Alafair Burke and Mary also created a shared character, Laurie Moran, who anchors their Under Suspicion series.

    • Can you tell me a little bit more about the Mary Higgins Clark series?

      Mary Higgins Clark has written several series, including the Under Suspicion series with Alafair Burke and the Christmas mystery series with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark. The Under Suspicion series follows television producer Laurie Moran as she investigates cold cases, while the Christmas series features private investigator Regan Reilly solving holiday-themed mysteries.

    • How did Mary Higgins Clark start her career as an author of mystery suspense novels?

      Mary Higgins Clark started her writing career with a short story titled "Stowaway." It was initially rejected, but she didn't give up. She continued writing while working and raising her family. Her biggest breakthrough came with the publication of the suspense novel "Where Are The Children?" which became a bestseller. From there, she became one of the most beloved authors of mystery suspense novels, earning her the title "Queen of Suspense."

    • What makes Mary Higgins Clark's books so engrossing for readers?

      What makes Mary Higgins Clark's books so captivating is her expertise in blending suspense, mystery, and relatable characters. Her strong, independent female protagonists and intricate plotlines grab readers from the first page. Her stories, whether novels or short stories, are always rooted in suspense and mystery, making her books the perfect read for a cozy, thrilling afternoon.

    • Can you recommend a good starting point for someone new to Mary Higgins Clark?

      For someone new to Mary Higgins Clark, a great starting point would be her standalone novels. "Where Are The Children?" is her first published suspense novel and it introduces readers to her compelling storytelling style. For those interested in her series, "I've Got You Under My Skin" is the first book in the Under Suspicion series, co-authored with Alafair Burke.