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Mark Sullivan Books in Order (22 Book Series)


Mark Sullivan is a series of 22 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author behind the Mark Sullivan books?

      Mark Sullivan, the goodreads author, is the creator of the Mark Sullivan books. He's well-known for his work with James Patterson, another famous author, on the "Private" series.

    • Can you tell me the proper order to read the Mark Sullivan books?

      Yes, the proper reading order for Mark Sullivan's books often depends on the series. For example, in the "Private" series with James Patterson, the order would be: "Private," "Private London," "Private Games," and so on. Keep in mind, this order might change with the release of his latest book.

    • Is there a platform where I can purchase or browse Mark's books?

      Absolutely! Amazon is a great platform where you can get many of Sullivan's novels, including his young adult, historical, and thriller books. You can also read full reviews of each book here.

    • What genre does Sullivan's novels fall under?

      Sullivan's novels span several genres. He's written historical novels, such as "Beneath a Scarlet Sky," which is based on the war experiences of a young man named Pino. He's also co-authored several thriller novels with James Patterson in the "Private" series. There's even a hint of romance in some of his books.

    • What is a standout characteristic of Mark's books?

      Mark's books, especially those co-authored with James Patterson, are known for their captivating and thrilling narratives. The "Private" series, in particular, has received many stars in reviews for its engaging storytelling.

    • Can you specify some of the themes in Sullivan's novels?

      Certainly! Themes in Sullivan's books range from historical settings, like in "Beneath a Scarlet Sky," to thrilling detective stories in the "Private" series with James Patterson. Even young adult themes can be found in his work.

    • I've read some of Mark's books and loved them. Do you have any recommendations for authors with similar styles?

      If you enjoyed Mark Sullivan's books, you might also enjoy the works of James Patterson. They've collaborated multiple times, notably on the "Private" series. Other authors you might find interesting include those who write thriller, historical, or war novels.

    • I'm interested in reading Sullivan's Monarch series. What can I expect from these books?

      The Monarch series is a set of thrillers penned by Sullivan. The series is exciting, full of suspense and engaging narratives. You can expect to be thoroughly entertained by these books.

    • Is there a quick way to refresh my memory on Sullivan's books that I've read a while ago?

      Yes, to get a quick book refresh or book clear, you can visit Goodreads or Amazon. There, you can find summaries, reviews, and even get a glimpse of the first few pages. Some readers find doing a quick read saving before picking up the next book in a series to be especially helpful.