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David Walliams Books in Order (34 Book Series)

Bad DadAwful AuntieBillionaire Boy

David Walliams has written a series of 34 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 34 books
    1. 3

      Mr Stink

      David Walliams

    2. 6

      Camp David

      David Walliams

    3. 7


      David Walliams

    4. 8

      Demon Dentist

      David Walliams

    5. 10

      Awful Auntie

      David Walliams

    6. 19

      Bad Dad

      David Walliams

    7. 20


      David Walliams

    8. 22

      Boogie Bear

      David Walliams

    9. 23


      David Walliams

    10. 27


      David Walliams

    11. 32


      David Walliams

    12. 34


      David Walliams

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    • What are the David Walliams books in order like?

      The author David Walliams has a series of children's books that range from a variety of topics, from worst nightmares to the most extraordinary monsters in Britain. Each book is unique in its own way and offers a world of imagination and fun to the readers.

    • Can you tell me more about the author of this series?

      Author David Walliams is a well-known children's author from Britain. His books are popular worldwide and have been translated into several languages. He is known for his witty writing style, unique characters, and the fascinating world he creates in his novels.

    • I'm a slow reader. In what order should I start reading the novels?

      As a slow reader, you might want to start with Walliams' shorter books first. This would make the book refresh a lot easier for you. Once you get a hang of it, you can proceed to his longer novels and enjoy the colorful world Walliams has created for children.

    • Can you help me with a book clear? There are so many books, I can't decide which ones to read next.

      Sure, after a book clear it's best to select the books based on their publication year or their word count. For an average reader, Walliams' books usually take a few days to read. Choose the ones that are most appealing to your taste, maybe a romance or a general fiction, and start from there.

    • Are these books available in paperback and Kindle format?

      Yes, Walliams' books are available in both paperback and Kindle formats. So, whether you're a traditional booklover who likes to hold a paperback in your hand, or you're more into digital reading on your Kindle, you're sorted.

    • How can I save a book for reading later?

      If you're browsing through Walliams' collection and find a book you'd like to read but don't have the time for right now, you can use the 'read saving' feature. This allows you to easily return to the book when you're ready.

    • What are these books about? Can you give me a brief description?

      Walliams' books are primarily based in the genre of children's literature. They often revolve around children overcoming challenges, be it the worst nightmares or the most peculiar monsters. They are humorous, inspiring, and filled with the magic of childhood.

    • What's the word count for these books? I'm a fast reader and like to plan my reading.

      The word count for Walliams' books varies. As a fast reader, you'll find that some of the books can be finished in a day or two, while others might take a bit longer. It's best to check the word count before you start reading.

    • What year were these books published?

      David Walliams' books have been published over several years. His first book was published in the mid-2000s and he has continued to write new books almost every year since then.