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Margaret Truman Books in Order (41 Book Series)

Bess W. TrumanAllied in DangerDeadly Medicine

Margaret Truman is a series of 41 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 41 books
    1. 3

      Harry S. Truman

      Margaret Truman

    2. 12

      Bess W. Truman

      Margaret Truman

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    • Who is Margaret Truman, the author known for cozy mystery books?

      Margaret Truman was an author best known for her mystery novels. She wrote a series of fiction books set in and around Washington D.C., many of which had a strong element of romance and intrigue.

    • Can you tell me more about the mystery Margaret Truman books?

      Yes, of course. Margaret Truman's books are unique because they blend elements of mystery, romance, and fiction in a way that is both exciting and engaging for the reader. They are often dubbed as cozy mystery books, thanks to their warm and inviting settings.

    • I see a lot of Margaret Truman books. Are they meant to be read in any particular order?

      While each of Margaret's books can be enjoyed individually, they do follow a certain order. Reading them in sequence allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the evolving storylines and recurring characters.

    • I've heard of the "Bain mystery". Is this a type of mystery Margaret authored?

      Yes, you're correct. The Bain mystery refers to the books authored by Margaret Truman in collaboration with Donald Bain. Bain was a well-known author of mystery and detective fiction, and their collaboration resulted in some highly enjoyable reads.

    • I tend to lose track of my books. Any tip to shelve murder mystery Margaret style?

      A good way to organize and shelve murder mystery books, like those by Margaret, is by the order of publication. This way, you can easily find the next book in the series when you're ready to dive into another captivating tale.

    • Any quick add to my Margaret Truman collection you would recommend?

      I would recommend a quick add of "Murder in the White House", the first book in Margaret's Capital Crimes series. It's a great introduction to her style of weaving mystery and romance into her fiction.

    • If I want to add murder mystery authored by Bain, where should I start?

      You should start with the book "Monument to Murder". It's the first book that Margaret Truman co-authored with Bain. It's a thrilling story that skillfully blends mystery, fiction, and romance.

    • Can you share a wishlist quick add for a cozy mystery by Truman?

      Certainly! A great wishlist quick add would be "Murder on K Street". This cozy mystery from Truman's Capital Crimes series is a crowd-pleaser and a great introduction to her style of writing.

    • Is there a way to read Margaret Truman’s books on Kindle?

      Yes, indeed! Many of Margaret Truman's books, including the ones co-written with Bain, are available on Kindle. It's a convenient way to always have her collection of cozy mysteries at your fingertips.