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Mallory Books in Order (27 Book Series)

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Mallory is a series of 27 books written by Laurie Friedman. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Carol O'Connell and what book series did she author?

      Carol O'Connell is an esteemed author renowned for the "Kathleen Mallory" book series. Known for her suspenseful mystery sequels, many of her books have topped the charts in the fiction genre, specifically crime fiction.

    • Can you tell me more about the Kathleen Mallory series?

      Sure! The Kathleen Mallory series, also known as the "Mallory series", profiles Mallory, an intriguing character with a complex past. The books, written by author Carol O'Connell, offer an intriguing mix of mystery, suspense, and psychological insight. While the series is mainly categorized as mystery fiction, elements of psychological and crime fiction are also prominent.

    • How should I read the Carol O'Connell books, particularly the Mallory series?

      You should read the Mallory series in order. The series begins with "Mallory's Oracle" and continues with a succession of O'Connell books, each one further developing the character of Kathleen Mallory and the intricacies of her world. Reading the books in order will give you a comprehensive understanding of the character development and the unfolding narrative.

    • What is the best way to keep track of the books I have read and the ones I want to add to my reading list?

      A good solution would be to consider a read shelving system. This could be a physical bookshelf or a virtual one on a book tracking site. You'd have one section or shelf for books you've read, and another for books you plan to read. This way, you can easily add new books to your reading list, and keep track of your progress through the Mallory book series.

    • Who is the publisher of Carol O'Connell's books?

      Carol O'Connell's books, including the Mallory series, are published by Putnam Sons. This publisher is known for its top-tier fiction, releasing titles in genres ranging from mystery and romance to fantasy and historical fiction.

    • Apart from Carol O'Connell, are there any other authors you would recommend for fans of the Mallory series?

      Certainly! If you're into mystery and romance, you might enjoy Hoover Colleen. Known for her young adult fiction and romance novels, she creates compelling characters and storylines that captivate readers, much like O'Connell does with Kathleen Mallory.

    • What is one of the most notable books in the Mallory series?

      A notable title in the series is "Judas Child." This book particularly stands out due to its suspenseful plot and the depth it adds to the character of Kathleen Mallory. Like other books in the series, it's a blend of mystery and psychological fiction, with a touch of historical and crime fiction.

    • Can you tell me more about Carol O'Connell as an author?

      Author Carol O'Connell has a gift for creating compelling mystery sequels. Her character, Kathleen Mallory, is an intriguing protagonist who brings depth to each story. O'Connell's books often top the charts in the fiction genre, especially among young and adult readers who enjoy suspenseful, engrossing narratives.

    • What order should I read the books in?

      It's best to read the series in its release order. Starting with "Mallory's Oracle" and moving on to "The Man Who Cast Two Shadows," "Killing Critics," and so on, will give you the intended progression of the story and character development. This way, you'll be able to fully appreciate the unfolding narrative and the evolution of Kathleen Mallory.