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Lori Foster Books in Order (131 Book Series)


Lori Foster is a series of 131 books written by 4 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 131 books
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      Lori Foster

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      Lori Foster

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      Lori Foster

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    • What is some general information about Lori Foster?

      Author Lori Foster is a well-known name in the contemporary romance genre, having penned numerous popular novels, particularly those featuring strong, romance-seeking men. Her works have not only received rave reviews, but have also secured places on multiple bestseller lists, validating her reputation as a pre-eminent romance author.

    • Are Lori Foster's books standalone, or should they be read in a specific order?

      While many of Lori's books can be enjoyed as standalone novels, there are a number of series that follow a specific order. This is particularly true for her novels featuring fighters. Reading Lori's books in order can enhance the reader's understanding of the plot and character development.

    • Is there a way to keep track of the books I want to read by Lori Foster?

      Yes, absolutely! You can use the "wishlist quick add" feature available on many online bookstores to easily add Lori Foster's books to your reading list. This feature can be a real Foster save, allowing you to keep track of all her releases and the order in which to read them.

    • What if I change my mind about a book I've added to my wishlist?

      Not to worry! Just as you can quickly add a book to your wishlist, you can also have it wishlist removed. This means you have total control over what books you plan to read, ensuring your reading list stays up-to-date and relevant to your interests.

    • Can I add my review of Lori Foster's book online?

      Yes, you can. After reading a book by the author, you can go online and add your own review. People often find reviews add valuable insights and help them decide whether or not to read a particular book.

    • Is there a difference between reading a Lori Foster book on Kindle and a physical copy?

      The actual content of the book remains the same, but the experience can be different. A Kindle publication can be carried anywhere and read anytime, which can be more convenient for some. Plus, you can quickly add or remove books from your device at your convenience.

    • Why are Lori Foster's books so popular among romance readers?

      Lori Foster's books are known for their compelling character development, engrossing plots, and emotionally charged romance. Whether it's a fighter finding love or a woman discovering herself, her books offer a contemporary romance that's both meaningful and entertaining.

    • How can I keep up with new releases by Lori Foster?

      You can subscribe to updates from the author or follow her on social media. Whenever a new book is released, you can quickly add it to your wishlist. This way, you'll never miss any new romance books from this prolific author.

    • What themes are prominent in Lori Foster's books?

      Foster primarily writes contemporary romance, often featuring strong, independent women and men, including fighters. She masterfully blends romance, suspense, and emotional arcs, drawing readers into the world of her characters and their journeys. These elements, coupled with her engaging writing style, are what make her books so appealing to romance enthusiasts.