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Lisa Scottoline Books in Order (45 Book Series)

After AnnaAccusedBest Friends, Occasional Enemies

Lisa Scottoline is a series of 45 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 45 books
    1. 2

      Final Appeal

      Lisa Scottoline

    2. 13

      Dirty Blonde

      Lisa Scottoline

    3. 22

      Save Me

      A Novel

      Lisa Scottoline

    4. 24

      Happy and Merry

      Francesca Serritella

    5. 27

      Don't Go

      Lisa Scottoline

    6. 30

      Keep Quiet

      Lisa Scottoline

    7. 36

      Most Wanted

      Lisa Scottoline

    8. 40

      After Anna

      Lisa Scottoline

    9. 43

      Someone Knows

      Lisa Scottoline

    10. 44


      Lisa Scottoline

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    • Can you provide the ultimate guide to the book list and order of Lisa Scottoline's books?

      Absolutely, Lisa Scottoline's books in order are primarily organized into several series. The most famous is the Rosato & Associates series, which is a legal thriller series. Lisa also has standalone novels as well as historical fiction and mystery books.

    • How many series has Lisa authored and how are her books ordered within those series?

      The author, Lisa Scottoline, has authored a number of series in a variety of genres, including mystery, legal thriller, and romance. Each series has a specific order that is generally recommended for reading. The thriller Rosato & Associates series, for example, starts with 'Everywhere That Mary Went' and follows a set order for maximum enjoyment.

    • Is there a preferred reading order for Lisa Scottoline books?

      Yes, it is usually recommended to read Lisa Scottoline books in the order of their publication. This is especially true for the series books, where the characters and plots develop over time. This full book list in order can be found on Lisa's official website and various book listing sites.

    • What is the best way to keep track of the books I've read or want to add to my reading list by Lisa Scottoline?

      Most readers find it helpful to maintain a 'read' and 'to read' shelving menu for books. This can be done on various reading platforms where you can read, add, and organize books. This can be particularly helpful for keeping track of Lisa Scottoline books, given the number of series and standalone novels she writes.

    • What type of books does Lisa primarily write and what themes are common in her series?

      Lisa Scottoline is primarily known for her legal thrillers, which often feature strong, complex female leads who are lawyers. Themes of law, life, and family are often explored in her books. Her Rosato & Associates series, for instance, consistently features mystery and legal elements.

    • Can I find Lisa's books on Kindle and are there paperback versions available?

      Yes, you can find Lisa Scottoline books on Kindle as they are available for digital publication. Most of her books are also available in paperback format, making it easy for readers to choose their preferred format.

    • I see a lot of mystery and law in Lisa's books. Does she ever delve into fantasy or historical genres?

      While Lisa Scottoline is best known for her mystery and legal thriller novels, she does venture into other genres. She has written historical fiction, though fantasy isn't prominent in her work. In all her books, Lisa adeptly explores the intricacies of life and law.

    • I've heard there's a character named Bennie in Lisa's books. Can you tell me more about her?

      Certainly, Bennie Rosato is a key character in Lisa Scottoline's Rosato & Associates series. She is a lawyer, leading a firm of predominantly female attorneys. These novels follow Bennie's life and law career, adding elements of mystery and thriller to the legal proceedings.

    • If I want to keep up with Lisa's latest releases, where can I find this information?

      You can find all information about Lisa Scottoline's latest releases and forthcoming books on her official website. She also maintains a newsletter where readers can subscribe to receive regular updates about her books, life events, and more. This is the best way to stay connected with the author and her works.