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Les Norton Books in Order (20 Book Series)

Between the Devlin and the Deep Blue SeasAnd De Fun Don't DoneCrime Scene Cessnock

Les Norton is a series of 20 books written by Robert George Barrett. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the Les Norton series?

      The Les Norton series is a popular set of fiction novels written by Robert G. Barrett. These novels focus on Les Norton, a fictional character who is a lovable scamp with a penchant for finding himself in humorous and often precarious situations.

    • Who is the author of the Les Norton series?

      Robert G. Barrett is the acclaimed author of the Les Norton books. His sharp wit and keen sense of humor are evident in every page of his work.

    • What are the Barrett books all about?

      Barrett's books generally focus on the trials and tribulations of his main character Les Norton. They often involve exciting escapades, unexpected adult romance, and a sprinkle of fantasy to keep things interesting.

    • How can I find a list of all the Les Norton books in order?

      Looking for a comprehensive list of the Les Norton books? You can find a curated list of these top series novels on various online book shops and websites. You can also use the AddAll book search engine to find specific titles or editions.

    • Are there many books in the Les Norton series?

      Yes, there are numerous books in the Les Norton series. Each book presents a new adventure for Les, often involving a mix of adult romance and fantasy elements.

    • Can I view the book covers online before I decide to purchase a book?

      Absolutely, you can view book covers for all the Les Norton books on various online book stores. This is a great way to get a feel for the book's theme and style before making a purchase.

    • Is there a menu of the Les Norton series available for viewing?

      Yes, there is usually a menu shelve on most online bookstores where you can view all the Les Norton books in order. You can also rate and add books to your wish list from this menu.

    • Can I add a Les Norton book to my shelf?

      Yes, you can add any of the Les Norton books to your shelf, be it paperback or Kindle editions. The 'add to shelf' rate varies depending on the popularity of the book and the format you choose.

    • How is the popular character Les Norton depicted in the Robert G. Barrett books?

      Les Norton is portrayed as a lovable rogue who often finds himself tangled in a web of adult mysteries, romance and fantasy. Despite his often chaotic life, readers find Les to be a relatable and entertaining character. If you enjoy fiction with a touch of humor, you'll probably love the Les Norton books.