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Legend of Drizzt Books in Order (38 Book Series)


Legend of Drizzt is a series of 38 books written by R.A. Salvatore. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm new to the Drizzt books. Is there a specific order I should follow when reading them?

      Yes, definitely! The Legend of Drizzt series has a recommended series in order to fully understand the storyline and character arc of Drizzt. Starting with the Dark Elf Trilogy, namely "Homeland", "Exile", and "Sojourn", will give you an insight into Drizzt's early life in the Underdark. Following this, you can continue with the Icewind Dale Trilogy, starting with "The Crystal Shard".

    • I heard that the Drizzt series is divided into several trilogies. How does that work?

      Yes, that's correct. The Legend of Drizzt series is composed of several trilogies. The series starts with the Dark Elf trilogy, followed by the Icewind Dale Trilogy, and so on. Each trilogy has its own story arc, but they all form a cohesive narrative when read in order. For example, the second book of the Icewind Dale Trilogy is the "Streams of Silver".

    • What is the easiest way to get hold of the Drizzt book series?

      The Legend of Drizzt books can be procured in various formats like hardcover, paperback, and kindle publication. You can view the details and add them to your cart on online platforms like Amazon. A quicker method would be to utilize the 'Amazon view' option to directly access each book.

    • I prefer reading books on my shelf. How do I know which book to pick next from the Drizzt series?

      Maintaining a 'Read Shelving' system is a great way to keep track of your progress in the Legend of Drizzt series. Simply keep the next book you intend to read at the top of your shelf. Alternatively, you can rate the books you've finished and add the upcoming ones to your 'To Read' shelf.

    • I'm an avid reader but I'm lost in the menu of Drizzt books. Can you help?

      Sure! The order becomes clear once you understand the composition of the series. The Legend of Drizzt series consists of numerous books, divided into several trilogies. Each trilogy should be read in order, starting with the Dark Elf Trilogy: "Homeland", "Exile", and "Sojourn".

    • Can you reply with the order of the books in the Legend of Drizzt series?

      Following is the series in order of the Legend of Drizzt books: The Dark Elf Trilogy: "Homeland", "Exile", and "Sojourn". The Icewind Dale Trilogy: "The Crystal Shard", "Streams of Silver", and "The Halfling's Gem". Subsequent trilogies follow these, and each has its own specific order.

    • I've finished reading the first trilogy in the Drizzt series. What's next?

      Congratulations on completing the first trilogy of the Legend of Drizzt series! Your next course should be the Icewind Dale Trilogy, starting with "The Crystal Shard", followed by "Streams of Silver" and "The Halfling's Gem". Happy reading!

    • Is there a handy library book or reference guide for the Drizzt series?

      There isn't an official library book or guide for the series. However, the 'Legend of Drizzt Series Reading Order' Wiki page is a handy online resource. It provides a detailed list of all the books in the series including their publication date.

    • What's the publication order of the Legend of Drizzt series?

      The publication order of the Legend of Drizzt series is somewhat different from the reading order. The first trilogy published was the Icewind Dale Trilogy, not the Dark Elf Trilogy. The first book published was "The Crystal Shard", not "Homeland". However, most readers and the author, R.A. Salvatore himself, recommend reading the series in chronological order, starting with the Dark Elf Trilogy.