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Lee Hollis Books in Order (24 Book Series)

Death of a Bacon HeiressDeath by Haunted HouseDeath of a Blueberry Tart

Lee Hollis has written a series of 24 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 24 books


    • Can you tell me the lee hollis books in order?

      Certainly! The books by Lee Hollis typically belong to cozy mystery series like the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries. When reading them in order, you would start with "Death of a Kitchen Diva" and follow the sequence as the author has published to fully enjoy the character development and overarching narratives. For a complete listing in order, we link directly to the available series on Amazon on our site, where you can see the stars rating for each book.

    • Where can I find a list of all lee hollis's books?

      All of Lee Hollis’s books are detailed on our website, where you can find an organized list of their work, including the standalone titles and series, all linked to their respective Amazon Kindle pages for ease of access. This includes both their cozy mystery fiction and any other genres they may explore.

    • What genre do the lee hollis books fit into?

      Lee Hollis primarily writes in the cozy mystery genre, with a touch of humor and domestic wit. Their books are perfect for readers who enjoy a good murder mystery that also warms the heart and occasionally tickles the funny bone. This brand of storytelling may remind readers of the quaint town of Tinker's Cove featured in Leslie Meier's work.

    • Are there any new releases from lee hollis books?

      To stay updated on the latest releases from Lee, we recommend keeping an eye on our website. We promptly feature new releases from popular authors like Hollis, and you can find them linked to their Amazon pages as soon as they become available.

    • How does Lee Hollis's writing compare to other authors in the mystery genre, including the works of Lesley Meier?

      Lee Hollis offers a unique blend of humor and intrigue comparable to the comfortable and enjoyable style found in the works of fellow authors Lesley Meier, Joanne Fluke, and Lucy Stone. Their books often feature relatable characters and engaging storylines that keep fans eagerly anticipating the next. Some might say Lee Hollis's style also reminds them of the charming settings like Tinker's Cove in Lesley Meier's books.

    • What series has Hollis written and in what order should I read them?

      Hollis is best known for creating series such as the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries and the Desert Flowers Mysteries. It's advisable to read each series in the order of publication to follow the character arcs and plot developments accurately. You can find these series on our website, linked to where they are available on Kindle on Amazon.

    • Could you recommend a good Lee book for me to start with if I enjoy culinary mysteries?

      Absolutely! If you're a fan of culinary mysteries, you should start with "Death of a Kitchen Diva," which is the first book in the Hayley Powell series. It intricately weaves recipes, food-themed plots, and murder, offering readers a delightful read akin to the books of Joanne Fluke with her Hannah Swensen series. You can find this book and more on our website, linked to Amazon for your shopping convenience, and perhaps you may discover other treasures in the culinary mystery subgenre of fiction.