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Laurie Cass Books in Order (11 Book Series)


Laurie Cass is a series of 11 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Laurie Cass and what type of books does this author write?

      Laurie Cass is a popular author who is famous for her cozy mystery books. She is loved by readers for her fascinating mystery stories which often include a rescue cat as a character. Her books are available in paperback, Kindle, and can be found on various bookshelves around the world.

    • Can you tell me more about her cozy mystery series?

      Yes, indeed. Her cozy mystery series, also known as the "Bookmobile Cat Mysteries," is centered around the character Minnie Hamilton, who operates a bookmobile. The series is filled with a balance of fiction, mystery, and a hint of romance. The books have received many positive reviews from verified reviewers who enjoy the blend of different genres.

    • How are Laurie Cass's books ordered in this series?

      The books in Laurie Cass's series are usually ordered by their publication date. The first book is "Lending a Paw" and the series continues from there. It's recommended to read the books in order to fully appreciate the development of the characters and the unfolding of the cozy mystery.

    • Can you recommend a menu of books by Laurie Cass for a cozy mystery night?

      Absolutely! Starting with "Lending a Paw," followed by "Tailing a Tabby," and ending with "Borrowed Crime," would make for a thrilling cozy mystery night. Each of these books focuses on a different mystery that the bookmobile operator and her rescue cat must solve.

    • Is there a way to keep track of which Laurie Cass book I'm reading?

      Absolutely. A great way to keep track of the books you've read, the ones you're currently reading, and the ones you want to read, is to use a "read shelving" system. You can rate each book after you've read it, add new ones to your "to-read" shelf, and even write a personal review to reflect on your reading experience.

    • How can I learn more about the author and her books?

      You can sign up on her official website or follow her on social media platforms. You can get firsthand information about her new books, verified reviews of her works, and even some personal insights into her life and her inspirations for her mystery and fiction work.

    • What types of reviews are available for Laurie Cass's books?

      There are many types of verified reviews available for Laurie Cass's books. Some readers post their thoughts on social media, while others prefer to leave their reviews on book sellers' websites or on personal blogs. You can learn a lot about the books from these reviews, including plot details, character development, and more.

    • Are all of Laurie Cass's books about a rescue cat?

      While a rescue cat is a recurring character in Laurie Cass's Bookmobile Cat Mysteries series, not every book by this author revolves around a cat. However, fans have noted that the cat, named Eddie, adds a delightful element of charm and personality to the series.

    • What other authors are popular in the cozy mystery genre?

      Besides Laurie Cass, authors like Lorna Barrett (also known as L.L. Bartlett) are also popular in the cozy mystery genre. They offer a mix of mystery, humor, and sometimes even a touch of romance and fantasy in their books. Many of these authors have established a dedicated fan base over the years.